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Why Are Gaming Chairs Expensive? (and 5 Alternatives)

Gaming has grown exponentially in popularity in the last two decades. What used to be considered very niche, gaming is a common way of life for millions around the globe. Further, it has taken off from just console gaming. PC Gaming has become more popular than ever.

Part of the right gaming setup means having the right gaming chair for the job. Gaming chairs can get quite expensive due to better quality materials like additional layers of foam or cooling technology to avoid heat buildup. While the average gaming chair costs between $300 to $400, chairs with the highest ergonomic support can reach $1,500. Such chairs conform to your spine and your body’s unique shape and movements.

The Importance of Gaming Chairs

To those who aren’t really familiar, having a gaming chair can seem like somewhat indulgent. But having optimal comfort is important for reasons than you may understand. And for those who are competitive in gaming, having all the advantages are crucial.

For starters, comfort matters. The last thing you want to do is spend hours at a time in an uncomfortable chair. When aches and pains creep up, it can take away from your focus on the game at hand. That impacts performance.

The more important thing is improved posture. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t promote good posture can mean issues with your back, neck, shoulders, or other areas over time. Improved posture means less discomfort and less of a risk of issue over time.

What Makes for a Good Gaming Chair?

This can be something of a subjective matter. Gaming chairs have different features to them depending on what kind of price range you get into. The cheaper the chair, the less options and features it will have compared to something higher-end.

A good chair should offer you a measure of comfort and support. Since you are going to be sitting in the same spot for long periods of time, it is important that you remain comfortable and focused on the game.

From there, it can come down to preference. Some people prefer a certain type of material. Others need better adjustability. There are some chairs that come with surround sound hookups, allowing for a more comprehensive experience. It all depends on what you want out of your chair. Here are a few of the important features of a good gaming chair.


The most important feature is proper comfort. The best chairs have quality foam which provide ample support and comfort for long gaming sessions. When you buy a low-dollar chair, you run the risk of inferior materials, which can lead to discomfort over time.

Proper Support

This comes in two forms: arm rests and lumbar support. Having a good gaming chair promotes spinal health. When you have a chair that doesn’t provide proper support, it can lead to issues with your back, neck, shoulders, and more. Proper arm rests mean that your arms don’t have to strain, either. All of it adds up to a more comfortable experience.


One of the more underrated aspects to a quality gaming chair is the ability to adjust angles and heights. We are all different sizes and being able to adjust your chair to fit your frame is of the utmost importance to your comfort and gaming experience.

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What is the Cost of Your Average Gaming Chair?

The cost of your gaming chair will depend on more than a few factors. For one, manufacturer/brand always plays a role. The more well-regarded a brand is, the more costly it will be. This is the way of the world when it comes to consumer goods.

On average, a gaming chair will run you anywhere from $200 to $400. That can vary one way or the other depending on the quality and number of features that you find in a gaming chair. Most under $100 are going to be bare bones. But something more comprehensive can run you well over $500.

So, Why are Gaming Chairs so Expensive?

When it comes to truly expensive gaming chairs, there are a few reasons why they can be expensive. It is important to note that, while a gaming chair in the $200 to $400 range is certainly not cheap, it isn’t considered to be among the “expensive” options, either.

High-end gaming chairs come with a lofty price tag for a couple of reasons. The most important is comfort. You are going to spend large chunks of time gaming in the same spot. The last thing you want is to be uncomfortable. Furthermore, there is the potential issue of spinal issues if you sit in a chair that is not providing proper support.

From there, gaming chairs offer a number of potential features. Something that is real leather will be more costly. The more detail in the stitching or ornate color patterns, the more expensive it will be. Add in any kind of lighting or built-in speakers and the price goes up. For something that comes with most of the bells and whistles, it is not out of the realm of possibility to get close to the $1,000 mark.

What You Can Expect Out of a Budget Gaming Chair

For the most part, a “budget” gaming chair will come in somewhere under $200. If you find something that is under $100, there is a good chance that it is low quality and you will be looking or a replacement sooner rather than later.

A budget gaming chair is generally fabric or faux-leather (“pleather”). They have either fixed or adjustable backrests and the sponge foam is generally a lower quality. That means it isn’t quite as comfortable as something of a higher quality.

They also tend to be quite a bit heavier, making them difficult to move. And that’s not even mentioning that they will have far fewer options and add-ons than a more expensive chair. Still, if you want something to sit semi-comfortably in, there are far worse options.

Inexpensive Options for Gaming Chairs

To improve your gaming experience, you should not have to invest in an expensive chair. There are more than a few options that are in the $100-$200 range that can save you some money while providing a better gaming experience.

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1) Best Choice Swivel Gaming Chair

There is a lot to like about this chair. For starters, it runs about $100 through Amazon and comes in nearly 10 different colors and designs. The multiple adjustable positions mean that you can relax, recline and enjoy gaming your way.

Even better, it can fold to store. If you don’t have a lot of space to spare, being able to fold it up and put it away can be invaluable.

2) OFM ESS Racing Style Chair

Some gaming chairs sit on a swivel mount on the floor. Others have legs and wheels a la a traditional computer chair. This is one of the latter options. If you don’t like sitting quite so close to the floor, this is a better option at just $110.

With a ton of different color choices, it is highly adjustable to boot. The premium leather also means a better quality and level of comfort than most of the other chairs on the market. At that price point, you feel like you are getting a high-end gaming chair but at a fraction of the price.

3) GTRACING Gaming Chair

Made of leatherette and carbon fiber, this chair is sleek and comfortable. The ergonomic design means maintaining a balanced, neutral position while reducing pain and pressure levels to a minimum level. All for a more comfortable gaming experience.

This chair also offers great lumbar and headrest support with well-padded seats. There is even angle adjusters, allowing for movement from 90 o 160 degrees in order to suit your specific needs. The fully-adjustable armrests also mean putting your arms right where you want them.

4) Homall Gaming Chair

Featuring high-density foam, the Homall swivel gaming chair is versatile enough to suit both your gaming and office needs. It also has one of the sleeker designs out there, giving a high-end feel out of a chair that costs just $140.

With a full 360-degree swivel and multi-directional wheels, there are no limitations. The recline function goes from 90 to 180 degrees, allowing for optimal reclining comfort as you see fit. The versatility alone makes it worth the price point and that’s not even counting the comfort and adjustability.

5) X Rocker Eclipse Floor Gaming Chair

One way to cut down on the costs of a gaming chair is to go with a floor rocker. There are some limitations in adjustability, but the rocking and reclining make for a much more comfortable gaming experience on the whole.

This chair is just $140, making it one of the most affordable on the market. But it can also connect wirelessly to most gaming systems, making it simple yet versatile. Do wish there were a few more color or stylistic options, though.

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