What Temperature Should my CPU be?

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Due to the different nature of applications, it is quite hard to talk about the ideal temperature range of CPUs. According to PC enthusiasts, the ideal temperature range of a processor is around 75 to 80 Celsius while playing games. However, when you are dealing with light processes and applications, the temperature should be around 45 Celsius.

To find a solution to this problem, let us divide the temperature range according to the type of applications.

What Temperature Should my CPU be?

Temperature While Gaming

As games are designed on different engines, therefore, some of them are highly dependant on a processor, while others use more ram or GPU. You can get more detail about the ideal temperature range of a CPU while gaming here.

If you are using the best CPU cooler, then it is obvious that the CPU temperature may peak around 70 to 80 Degrees.

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Temperature of CPU When Dealing with Apps

So we tested out Core i9-9700K processor with famous applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, etc. To our surprise, the temperature stayed around 40 to 50 Celsius most of the time.

We used an Intel stock cooler with a 9700K processor at this point, so you might witness lower temperatures when using aftermarket coolers.

Temperature at Idle Mode

At idle mode, the normal temperature range is around 40 Degrees Celsius. Again it depends upon the Socket (Intel or AMD) and CPU cooler (Air or Liquid).

How to Maintain your CPU Temperature at Lowest?

There are many ways to reduce and maintain your CPU temperature at a lower level. Some of the most effective ones are discussed here.

Better Ventilation

Proper airflow throughout the CPU case helps in maintaining the temperature at a lower level. It is better to opt for PC casings that facilitate smooth flow of air.


A room with a poor ventilation system leads to a higher temperature of the CPU. Make sure you place your unit near a window or well-ventilated area.

Clean Fans

Cooling fans play a crucial role in moving the air in and out of a CPU case. With the passage of time, the blades of the fan catch dust, this results in high CPU temperatures.

It is advised to have your CPU fan cleaned on a regular basis if you want to maintain the temperature. Can of compressed air or a dust mask can do this job more effectively.

Keep the Case Closed

Most people think that keeping the case open will solve their problem, but this isn’t true. Although, it is logical that keeping your case open will allow more heat dissipation, however, the CPU catches more dust.

With a closed CPU case, there is a proper flow of air which helps in keeping your CPU temperature at the lowest.

Thermal Paste

how to cool down your CPU to ideal temperature range

When none of the above things work, it is time to reapply the thermal paste on your processor. Just don’t fall for lower quality thermal pastes for the sake of saving few bucks. Go for a reliable brand like Cooler Master or Thermal Grizzly for better results.

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