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How to Reduce Keyboard Noise When Recording (Effective Methods)

One of the downsides that most mechanical keyboards come with is the loud typing noise. And this noise is more irritating when you are recording videos. So, is there any way to reduce the noise of a keyboard while doing a voice-over on the mic? The answer is a loud “Yes”

Surely, you can do many things to eliminate the tapping sound of your keyboard. And this guide, I will show some proven ways to reduce keyboard and mouse noise while recording.

Effective Ways to Reduce Keyboard Noise While Recording

Mechanical keyboards are trending right now in the market. And if you want a fast and efficient typing experience, you need to have a branded mechanical keyboard in your room.

Now, the thing is that it is really hard to get past the sharp noise of a mechanical keyboard. So when I started my research to find the best possible solution to this problem, I came across some weirdest answers on the web.

Many people commented to put an acoustic foam and even putting a thick towel on your hands to dampen the sound effect of the keyboard. Even on Reddit, I was unable to find the right solution.

After days of research, I ended up with these solutions below

Buying a Silent Keyboard

This is one of the best solutions to get rid of typing noise while recording your videos. In the market, you will find a number of keyboard brands that offer a silent typing experience. Have a look at ASUS’s aura sync keyboards that offer a super silent typing experience along with an aesthetical RGB look.

Customizing your Keyboard with O-rings

This is a time consuming process and it needs you to alter the keycaps on your keyboard. You can make you keyboard noise-free by taking out the keycaps and placing O-rings under each keycap. You can find good-quality keycaps on Amazon. If you don’t have time to replace you keycaps, it’s better to buy a silent mechanical keyboard.

customizing keycaps on a keyboard for a silent typing experience

Placing O-rings under each key to make your keyboard quiter while recording audio or video.

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Dampening the Keyboard Noise in Discord

You might have heard about this software called “Discord”. This is one of those softwares that PC gamers use to adjust the sensitivity of microphone.

All you need is to install and run “Discord”. Click on the gear icon and then head over the “Voice and Video” Option on the left side panel of the screen. Once you click on it, you will see “Input Senstivity” bar on the right side of the screen. You can move this bar back and forth until you don’t hear the noise of keyboard in your recording.

how to eliminate the noise of keyboard in your recordings
Step 1 of Discord
Adjusting the microphone in discord to remove keyboard noise in recordings
Step 2 of Discord

You can also adjust the sensitivity of your mircophone in Windows 10. However, the built-in settings of Windows 10 don’t give you that much control to adjust the senstivity.

Remember distance of your microphone matters

Keeping your microphone at the right distance also makes a lot of difference. If your keyboard is closer to your microphone, you will hear the noise. Using a uni-directional microphone would be a great idea at this point.

Whenever I record a video, I place the microphone at one side and my keyboard on the other side. So the distacne between your keyboard and microphone must be more than 1.5 feet.

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Using Noise Gate in Audicity

I hope you are well familiar with Audicity. I personally use this software to edit the audio. You can install noise gate filter in Audicity to remove the unwanted keyboard noise. A noise gate mutes your mic when the sound dips below a certain threshold limit. The only downside to noise gate is that if you are typing and talking at the same time, it will not work at its best.

Also, in Audicity, there is an option called “Click Removal” that is very helpful in reducing and even removing the annoying keyboard noise while recording your video or audio tutorials.

The Final Lines

So these were some of the best practices that you can follow to eliminate or reduce unwanted keyboard noise in recordings. I hope these tips will make your recording experiene noise-proof. Almost every mechanical keyboard in the market makes some sort of sound when you type on it. It is wise to go for a keyboard that doesn’t makes too much noise while typing. Adjusting your mic and afterwards removing any unwanted keyboard sound takes a lot of time. Therefore, it’s better to buy a new silent mechanical keyboard to get rid of this problem.

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