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Logitech G403 vs Logitech G703 | In-Depth Comparison & Suggestion

The Logitech G-series has caught the attention of many gamers all over the world. No doubt, the series lists some of the top gaming mice from Logitech so far. The Logitech G403 & G703 are the two highly-rated gaming mice of the G-Series. Now both of these mice excel in performance but there are some features that set them apart. So we will review both of these mice in terms of specifications, performance, durability, reliability, and price to help you decide which one is perfect for you.

Logitech G403 vs Logitech G703

Logitech G703

Sensor: Hero

Wieght: 96g

Length: 124mm

Width: 68mm

DPI Range: 100 -16,000 DPI

PowerPlay Support: Yes

which one is better Logitech G403 or Logitech G703

Logitech G403

Sensor: Hero

Wieght: 96g

Length: 124mm

Width: 68mm

DPI Range: 200 -12,000 DPI

PowerPlay Support: No

Specifications Logitech G403 vs Logitech G703

In general, the Logitech G403 comes in two variants, wireless and wired. However, in the case of Logitech G703 only comes with wireless connectivity. For the purpose of this review, we will focus on the wireless versions of both of these mice.

Now the Logitech G403 uses the PMW3366 sensor while the G703 uses the advanced HERO sensor which is an upgrade over the PMW3366. However, in the wired version of G403, you will find the newer HERO sensor, which is a bit strange at this point. The HERO sensor gives you a slight edge while playing FPS games on your PC.

The use of pixel by pixel precision tracking makes both of these mice stand out in the G-Series. In addition to this, the DPI range of 100 to 16,000 are the same in both G403 and G703.

Both of these mice have a good battery life that lasts up to 32 hours with the RGB lights on. The RGB lights on both of these mice can be controlled through Logitech’s easy to use the software.

Moreover, there is no tilt-slamming found in G403 or G703 as compared to the Logitech 3310.

There are six buttons on both of these models in which the mouse 1 & 2 buttons on G703 are more durable than the ones on G403. The lifetime clicks on G703 are upto 50 million as compared to G403 that has durability rating up to 20 million clicks.

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Dimensions & Weight

Both the G703 and G403 have neary the same dimensions but slightly different weight

  • Width: 68mm
  • Height: 124mm
  • Depth: 43mm

Weight of G403 version is around 96 grams while the G703 weighs around 97 grams on our scale.

Main Difference between G403 & G703

Now the main edge that Logitech G703 has over the G403 is that it has the PowerPlay wireless charging mat. So you can charge your Logitech G703 without using a USB charger by just putting it on a PowerPlay mat that you can buy separately.

Unfortunately, the PowerPlay charging is much slower than the USB charging, so this a thing you must know if you have made your mind to buy a Logitech G703 mouse just for the PowerPlay charging mat.

G403 vs G703 Comparison

At the time of writing this article, I am using a Logitech keyboard and the G703 mouse. I really appreciate the feel and comfort that G703 gives you when you hold it. Here are more factors to consider before you make your final decision.


I will not go into details but the shape of both of these mice is perfect for palm grippers. I would say that both the G403 and G703 are all-rounders when it comes to shape and design. The arc on both models allows you to rest your palm easily regardless of the size of your hand.

There is plenty of room for your pinky and ring finger as your grasp any of these models in your hand.


The G403 wireless version still uses the old PMW3366 sensor but it doesn’t affect the performance in any case. The Logitech G703 uses an advanced HERO sensor which isn’t the top of the line in the industry, it still shines out when compared to sensors that other brands use.

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The responsiveness and durability of the mouse 1 and 2 buttons matter a lot whenever we talk about gaming mice. And I really appreciate both the G403 and G703 for being tactile and responsive. When compared to Zowie Series, the G703 & 403 both have higher click ratings. Tough the clicks are audible, they are much quieter than the mice in Zowie Series.

The side buttons are also durable and tactile. However, I’ve found the side buttons a little bit squeaky. But they really catch your attention unless you throw your full focus on them.


Both the Logitech G403 and G703 have a solid grip due to the rubbery texture at the sides. This also prevents the mouse from slipping if your palms are sweaty.

Build Quality

Logitech has really put a great effort in the build quality of G403 and G703. Both come up with premium build quality and really give you a premium feel as if you are holding something really expensive.

Verdict | Which One You Should Choose

In our comparison, we’ve found that Logitech G403 and G703 both have nearly the same features. However, the G703 stands out due to the PowerPlay charging pad and buttons durability rating.

If you really don’t care about the PowerPlay charging pad and buttons durability rating, then you must go for the Logitech G403 mouse. It had nearly the same features that you will find in G703.

Other than this, if you are really fed up with charging your mouse, then the Logitech G703 is truly made for you.

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