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IS AOC A Good Gaming Monitor Brand?

AOC is a gaming monitor specialist that continues to make strides in their technology and advancements. Although they don’t have the same brand recognition as Asus or LG, AOC continues to grow faster than other gaming monitor companies.

AOC is an excellent gaming monitor company that offers high-quality monitors at every price point. The AOC 24G2U is the best 24-inch 144Hz gaming monitor in the market. If you want a faster refresh rate, the AOC C27G2ZU is the best 27-inch 240Hz monitor. AOC is the fastest-growing gaming monitor brand in the world because they continue to outperform expectations.

Furthermore, AOC was named as the global market-share leader for gaming monitors in 2019 and 2020 by IDC. The IDC defines gaming monitors as monitors that offer at least a 100hz refresh rate.

Just this fact alone speaks to the dominance of AOC over the past few years and how their products speak for themselves.

A Little Background on AOC

AOC, formerly known as Admiral Overseas Corporation, was founded in 1934 as a radio and television company. Although the headquarters is located in Taiwan, AOC sells in over 120 countries worldwide.

AOC’s history is long and full of accolades. In 1967, AOC was the first manufacturer of color televisions set for export. 

They’ve been a global leader in monitor display technology for over 50 years and continue to innovate and create. 

AOC Today

In modern times, AOC has successfully innovated and sold monitors that acknowledge customer requirements at all levels, from casual gamers to die-hard esports specialists. 

World-class designs, cutting-edge performance, and innovative features have permitted AOC to dominate the gaming monitor industry.

In 2019, AOC sales grew 67% in the United States making them the fastest-growing monitor company in North America. 

AOC also sponsors G2 Esports and RNG, which are two of the largest gaming organizations in the world. 

Furthermore, AOC gaming monitors receive hundreds of prominent reviews by top media outlets resulting in millions of views per year. On top of that, AOC continually shows a large presence at gaming shows such as Pax Prime, Pax South, SXSW, E3, Dreamhack, Blizzcon, and TwitchCon.

AOC has also entered the film industry with coveted product placements in films such as Venom, Godzilla, and The Martian.

It’s proven that AOC is dedicated to creating products that correlate to rising technological trends and the changing needs of different customers.

Just a quick glance on Amazon and you’ll find that the majority of AOC gaming monitors have well over 4 out of 5 stars.

Does AOC Make their Own Monitors?

Many potential customers are skeptical if AOC produces their own monitors. Although AOC monitors are manufactured in China, they have their own factories that make them. 

Having the monitors manufactured in China allows AOC to lower the overall price of their monitors. 

Product Lineup

For their gaming monitors, AOC offers two distinct lineups for two distinct sets of people. The AOC G-Series lineup is more budget-friendly and is best suited for beginner and casual gamers.

The AOC AGON Series is a premium line that is made for hardcore gamers and esports professionals. Since its debut in 2017, the AGON Series received a flurry of awards including 15 reviews from major outlets calling AOC gaming monitors “the best”. Other awards include Best Gaming Monitor, Best Value, and a PC Magazine’s award for Most Reliable Brand.

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Furthermore, AOC stands out as having the best warranty policy for their gaming monitors. The warrant offered is called the AOC Re-Spawned Warranty. It covers four years for AGON series monitors and three years for G-Series monitors.

With this warranty, you are guaranteed:

  • Zero dead pixel guarantee – any dead pixels with warrant a replacement from AOC
  • Advance replacement – AOC will deliver your monitor immediately without waiting to receive your defective monitor
  • One-time accidental damage coverage – covers one incident of accidental damage for up to a year

About AOC Monitors

Now that we understand who AOC is as a company and their massive presence in today’s ecosystem, let’s take a closer look at their monitors and what they offer.


In terms of design, AOC offers well-designed monitors in order to stand out in a competitive marketplace. Many of their recent monitors feature a clean bezel-less design that works perfectly for multi-monitor setups. 

Furthermore, AOC offers more aggressive designs in their gaming monitor lineup. Many of the monitors have additional RBG lighting on the backside along with inspiration design patterns.

AOC also prioritizes convenience with their gaming monitors. Most of the monitors support VESA wall mounting, pivot, tilt, and height adjustability.

Although monitor design isn’t as important as the actual specs, you can expect a unique and futuristic design from AOC.


The performance AOC’s gaming monitors offer is enough for any hardcore gamer. Along with perfect color accuracy, you’ll also find monitors with a high refresh rate and low response time in their gaming lineup.

The AOC AGON Pro AG254FG is a 24.5-inch gaming monitor that offers a 360hz refresh rate and an IPS panel. This monitor competes with the best of the best in the gaming monitor market and shows just what AOC is capable of producing.


When it comes to affordability, AOC offers the most value to price compared to other monitor brands. Most high-end gaming monitors offer the same specs, however, more reputable brands are able to price their monitors higher because of consumer sentiment.

If you were to conduct a bit of in-depth research on what the monitor actually offers, you’ll often find that AOC is usually the best option. 

However, there’s nothing wrong with opting for a more expensive monitor brand if that’s your preference.

Build Quality

Build quality is also prioritized by AOC with their metallic monitor stands and high-grade build materials. You’ll often find that AOC gaming monitors are extremely heavy and built to last many years.


Although the actual specifications AOC offers depend on the exact gaming monitor model, you’ll be able to find whatever you’re looking for. From budget-friendly gaming monitors to high-end builds, AOC does it all.

For example, the AOC AG493UCX is a 49-inch ultra-wide curved monitor. Boasting a 120hz refresh rate and VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400, this monitor is a goliath in the gaming market.

Furthermore, they have more inexpensive options like the AOC Q27T1 that’s 27-inches and has a refresh rate of 75hz.

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As a consumer, it’s important to do your due diligence and find out exactly what you’re getting in your gaming monitor.

Display Panel

The display panel is probably the most important part of a gaming monitor because it’s what you’ll be looking at all day. Luckily, AOC uses all the popular display panels: TN panel, IPS, panel, and VA panel.

Does AOC Make Good Gaming Monitors?

There’s no direct answer to this question other than yes. They compete with high-end monitor brands with a few of their products and offer budget-friendly options as well.

The main reason why people are skeptical about AOC monitors is the ambiguous nature of the brand. AOC doesn’t have close to the same name recognition compared to established brands like LG, Samsung, and Asus.

Some people may also believe that the company produces Chinese counterfeits. This is false and they are not only market leaders in China but also in Europe and other major regions too.

The biggest determining factor is that G2 Esports and RNG both partnered up with AOC with sponsorship deals. There’s no way massive Esports organizations like these two would choose to collaborate with a low-quality gaming monitor brand.

Recently, AOC has seen great success with their AGON premium lineup. Furthermore, AOC’s G2 Series products sell extremely well. 

Last but not least, AOC offers a full lineup of monitors for each series they offer. For example, they have office, designer, and gaming variants that directly cater to what you need.


AOC monitors are not only high quality but also come in more affordable price options when compared to other brands.

From low-end beginner options to high-end gaming monitors with premium features, AOC scratches the itch of any consumer.


Which AOC Monitor Should I Buy?

The specific AOC gaming monitor you should purchase depends on what you need. I recommend opting for a monitor that has at least a 144hz refresh rate. However, make sure to check the specs of each monitor and compare it to monitors from other brands.

Should I Invest in an Expensive Gaming Monitor?

Your monitor and GPU are the two most important parts of your gaming setup. For this reason, I recommend investing the majority of your budget in these two components. Furthermore, you’ll need an adequate CPU to support both of these devices. 1440p monitors are dramatically more beautiful than 1080p monitors but you’ll need an adequate graphics card to support them.

What’s the Difference Between DisplayPort and HDMI?

For gaming, DisplayPort is better than HDMI and offers higher resolutions and higher refresh rates.HDMI works well at lower refresh rates.

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