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How to Know If a SATA Cable is 6GB/s? (in Simple Steps)

SATA cable is the main medium through which data is transferred between your disk drive and motherboard. The next-gen SATA cables can transfer data at a speed of up to 6GB/s. Due to the similar interface and shape, it is a bit harder to distinguish between old and new generation SATA cables from just looking over them. Here are some of the best methods to Identify if you got a 6GB/s SATA 3 cable or not?

How to Tell if a SATA Cable is 6GB/s or not?

How to Tell if a SATA Cable is 6GB/s

Now if you are an old timer like me who have changed a lot of SATA cables in the past, then you can easily distinguish the features and attributes that come along with a 6GB/s cable. Obviously, a 6GB cable can easily be synced with older version, and has 90 degrees angled connector to it. Moreover, it has a low-profile design that makes it easier to install in SFF PC cases.

But if you are a newbie who hasn’t gone through the pain of changing SATA cables in the past, here’s what you can do to figure out.

Now SATA cables can be divided into 3 main versions, SATA 1, SATA 2, and SATA 3. Only, SATA version 3 is capable of transferring data up to 6GB/s. So in this article, we will discuss the main features of a SATA 3 cable to give you a clear picture.

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Backwards Compatible

One of the good things about the SATA version 3 cables is that they are backwards compatible. So if you have an older SATA hard or optical drive, this cable can let you transfer data at 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s, respectively. And if you have connected a SSD and see data transfer speed up to 550 MB/s, you surely have a 6GB/s cable installed.

Right-Angled Connectors

The SATA connectors on a version 3 cable are right-angled (90-degrees). So, this gives you access to connect your drives easily to your motherboard even if there is less space. In older versions of SATA, this feature isn’t available.

Locking Latch

In 6GB/s SATA cables, you will find a locking mechanism either at one or both ends. This metal locking latch ensures proper fitting and secure connection with between motheboard and storage device. Furthermore, it also prevents accidental connection loss which was quite common in older IDE cables.

This locking latch feature is absent in the older versions, SATA 1 and SATA 2.

Durable Construction

As compared to the previous versions, the SATA 6GB/s version comes with a low profile and durable design to fit in toughest spaces in a PC case. Moreover, the clean and sleek design makes this stand against snags and tangles.

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Most SATA version 3 cables have a length of up to 1 meter. This gives you more freedom to connect your storage devices from anywhere in your PC case.


New SATA 3 cables come with a proper label on them. However, make sure you buy it from a trusted vendor as many seller claim to sell SATA 3 cables, but they turn out to be SATA 2 in most cases.

Final Lines

So, in this article, we have revealed some of the easy steps to find out if you have a 6GB/s SATA cable in your PC or not. To get a high data transfer rate, make sure your motherboard also supports the SATA 3 storage devices. Also, make sure you buy SATA 3 cable from a reliable brand or vendor.

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