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How to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 524 (Authorization Error) in Easy Steps

So you are eager to join your favourite ROBLOX server but can’t due to error code 524, right? There isn’t anything to worry about as we have a found an easy solution to this problem. But before we head down and reveal how to fix this, it is important to know why this code occurs as you try to join the server.

Fix ROBLOX Error Code 524 (Authorization Error)

What is Roblox 524 Error Code?

In general, this is an authorization error that limits the players to join a VIP server (as a Guest). So, the creators of this game have limited this game to VIP users only. Many players link this problem to a session timeout, which isn’t true at all.

Or, this kind of error usually occurs when you are having problems with your Roblox application either on a PC or Mobile Phone. But in most cases, the author of the server has limited access to a few VIP users only.

Now we head down to the solution to fix Roblox 524 error in simple and easy to do steps to get rid of it completely. Please note that you must have the latest version of Roblox installed on your PC.

Easy Steps to Solve Roblox Error 524 or Roblox Not Authorized to Join Game

Well, even if you aren’t a VIP member of that server, you can still join the game without seeing an authorization error in the future. Here’s how you can do it

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1. Get Invited by Friends from a VIP Server

A common saying, “A friend in need is a freind indeed“. This is one of the most easy steps to get rid of Roblox 524 error code. All you need is to get invitation from a VIP member, and that’s it.

Just follow these steps:

  • Go to Roblox Settings
  • Click Privacy Settings
  • Scroll down until you see a tab that says “Who Can Invite Me to a VIP Server”
  • Click “Everyone” instead of “Friends”
  • Now search for players by their username and send them an invitation right away.
  • Join the game after the VIP user accepts your invitation.

2. Install ROBLOX Again

Once you get the invitation and still get the same frustating 524 error code, uninstall the application. After this, install it again and see if the error. To uninstall the game, you can head over to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs.

3. Create a New Server

If the above 2 steps don’t work at all, it is time to start a new server to get rid of this error. Make sure to use a reliable VPN source to avoid any issue.

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Obviously, the new server will be owned by you as you would be the admin of that server. Creating a new ROBLOX server is very easy. Just follow these steps to set-up your new server.

  • Go to ROBLOX Player
  • Now head over to Game Section and choose the game you want to play
  • Invite a minimum of 5 friends to play the game.

You can also follow the image below to get a better idea

remove error code quick fix
Picture 1

Finally, these were some of the working fixes for the 524 Roblox error code. Try all these steps and see if your problem gets fixed. If still, you are getting the error, then either your internet connection is slow or there is a huge load on the server. Wait until your internet connection gets back to normal or few players leave the party. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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