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How to Fix CPU Fan Error in Asus Motherboard

Whenever you install a new CPU fan on an Asus motherboard, you may come across a CPU fan error on boot. And this type of error occurs due to several reasons like the wrong installation of the CPU fan, malfunctioned CPU fan, or non-compatible rpm. In this guide, we will discuss some of the most effective methods to troubleshoot this error.

When you see the “CPU Fan Error” in POST it is a clear indication that your Asus motherboard is not detecting the fan.

How to Get Rid of CPU Fan Error Asus Motherboard

Below are some of the possible solutions to fix this error:

Re-install your CPU Fan

If your CPU fan is not properly seated in the right position on your motherboard, you will see POST FAN Error on your screen. Make sure that the screws and pins of your CPU fan are aligned with your motherboard.

Fix CPU Fan Error in Asus Motherboard
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Inspect Hardware

Sometimes there exists carbon or dust on the power connectors of your CPU fan. You can use a compressed air can to clean dust from the connectors.

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Manually Adjusting the FAN RPM

If you are installing a CPU fan from another brand, chances are that your Asus motherboard will not be able to detect that aftermarket fan due to lower revolutions. To fix this, go into the BIOS and search for “CPU Fan Speed Low Limit” and set the values to 200 RPM. The default RPM value will be around 600 RPM, so you have to lower down the value.

For setting the values, make sure the CPU Q-Fan Control is set to AUTO, PWM, or DCM Mode. And if you have an early version of the Asus motherboard, then you have to set CPU Q-Fan Control as Enabled, Advance, or Auto.

Disable the CPU Fan Speed in BIOS

If the above fix does not work, you can simply head into the BIOS and open the Advanced settings. Search for the “Monitor” section and select it. Now change the “CPU Fan Speed” to “Ignore”. Save the settings and restart your computer.

Update Your BIOS

Sometimes updating your BIOS can solve the CPU Fan Error problem. If your motherboard has an older version of BIOS, update it to a new one and see if it helps in eliminating the error.

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The Bottom Line

We hope the above methods would help you fix the CPU Fan Error. However, if the error still presists, then it might be a faulty CPU cooler or a motherboard connector. Changing CPU cooler is relatively an easy task, you can replace your old cooler with a good-quality CPU cooler. If the problem is with your motherboard, then you need to take your system to a local computer repair shop.

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