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How to Fix Bent Pin on Motherboard [Effective Method]

The pins of your motherboard are very sensitive in nature. If you put more pressure on the pins while attaching or detaching hardware, it may bend or break the pins on your motherboard. If the pins are broken, there isn’t any solution other than sodering them back to the motherboard. But for bent motherboard pins, there’s nothing to worry about at all. As in this guide, we will discuss some of the best methods to fix the bent pins on your mobo.

Ways to Fix Motherboard Bent Pins

Before we head down to fix the problem, let’s have a look at the different sections on a motherboard that contain the pins that are prone to bending.

CPU Socket Pins

 Fix Motherboard Bent Pins

The CPU socket is the section on a motherboard where you install your CPU. The CPU socket is made up of a number of pins that must be aligned with your CPU to work properly.

If your CPU does not sit properly on the CPU socket and you apply pressure to settle it down, it might cause the pins in the CPU socket to bend down.

24-Pin Power Supply Connector

24-pin connector

These are the pins responsible for powering up your motherboard. These pins get power from your ATX power supply connector. If you mismatch the pins and apply the pressure, you might end up with bent pins.

8-Pin Power Connector

8-pin power connector

These are additional (4+4) pins that provide additional power to your CPU.

CPU Case Fan Pins

PC case fan pins

There are thin pins that power up the CPU case fans. These are more prone to bending as compared to other types of pins on your motherboard. Also, find out how you can fix a CPU fan error in this guide.

IDE Connector Pins

IDE Pin connector if bent

These pins are used to connect older hard drives to your motherboard. Also, these are very sensitive pins that often get bend if you put pressure while installing or removing them.

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Let’s Fix the Pins on Your Motherboard

Here’s are some of the safest methods to follow:

Using a Screwdriver

You can move the pins back to their original position with the help of a screwdriver. This method is ideal for fixing the affected pins on a Power Connector, Fan Connector, and IDE connector.

First of all, analyze the existing pattern of pins on the motherboard and see in which direction you need to push the bent pin.

Now, touch the pin with the screwdriver and apply the pressure slowly to make the pin go back to its normal position. Make sure the pins are not crossing each other as you move them back to the initial position.

Be patient while applying the pressure with a screwdriver or you might break up the pins.

Using Needle and Mobile Phone

This method works great if you are dealing with bent pins on a CPU socket. As the pins on a CPU socket are thinner and difficult to analyze with a naked eye. You can use a cell phone camera to zoom into the socket and analyze the pattern of pins that need to be fixed.

The cell phone acts as a magnifier and the flash can act as a light source to clearly see the faulty pins in a CPU socket.

You can also use a safety or knitting pin to slowly push pins back to their original position in a motherboard.

The pins on a motherboard are fragile and can break up if you apply too much pressure on them.

Using your Nails

I hope you haven’t cut your nail for a week or two if you are following this method. But this method isn’t effective for a CPU socket where pins are fragile and thin. If you are dealing with the pins on a CPU socket, it’s better to stick with the first two methods in this guide.

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However, if the pins are thicker and large enough on a motherboard, you can move them around with the help of your nails. For example, the pins in an IDE connector are thicker and can be moved without using any needle or screwdriver. The same is the case with Case fan pins, they are long enough to grab with your fingers easily.


Finally, the bend pins on a mobo can be easily fixed without visiting your local computer shop. All you need is the right set of tools to fix the bent motherboard pins. Let me know if you have any other helpful tips to follow in this regard.


Can a motherboard work if one of the pins is broken?

Well, it depends upon the type of pin that is broken in your mobo. If the pin is broken in your CPU socket, then you need to replace the whole motherboard. It is nearly impossible to replace the broken pin in a CPU socket.

However, if the broken pin belongs to an IDE connector or a CPU fan connector, it won’t affect your motherboard at all.

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