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How much should you pay for a gaming keyboard? (Personal Experience)

Well, your old keyboard isn’t good enough to handle the taps you throw over it while gaming, right? So this is the time for you to upgrade to a new gaming keyboard. Now the mechanical keyboards that are ideal for gaming come with different features and price tags. We highly recommend you to look for a gaming keyboard that lies on a sweet spot between $50 to $130 price range.

Although, you will have to sacrifice for some features if you go for a low budget gaming keyboard. A $50 gaming keyboard has all those basic features that you will find in a premium one. So there is no need to spend more money on buying an expensive keyboard.

How much should you pay for a gaming keyboard?

What Factors You Must Consider While Buying a Gaming Keyboard

Here are the most important things to keep in mind

Type, Mechanical or Membrane?

Obviously, our suggestion would be to go for mechanical keyboards. These are the ones that are ruling the PC gaming industry right now. And mechanical gaming keyboards are more durable and reliable than the membrane variants.

Moreover, always opt for the red switches instead of the blue ones. The red switches are highly recommended for gaming due to more responsiveness and dead silent operation. And if you love typing on a keyboard, then you must go for blue switch.

But regardless the one you choose, both the red and blue switches do not create any kind of barrier while playing FPS games. There are mechanical keyboards that come with cherry mx switches, these are way better than the blue and red switch variants.

How Much You Should Spend Keeping in Mind the Budget?

I’m a budget geek myself when it comes to buy PC peripherals. So, I would recommend you to go with any mechanical keyboard within the price range of $50 t0 $100. Although you will find hundreds of products below the $30 price range but honestly you will throw them away after one month.

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Cheaper gaming keyboards show their real side once you game on them for at least a month. So you will end up wasting your money if you go for any gaming keyboards that lies under $30 price tag.

I always recommend RGB Aura Sync Keyboards from ASUS when it comes to hardcore gaming. These gaming keyboards are more reliable and sturdy, and you really don’t need to break your bank to buy them.


Now you all know that mechanical keyboards have no parallel when it comes to gaming. Escpecially, if you are a fan of first person shooter games like me, you would always opt for the mechanical gaming keyboard due to its responsiveness and sturdy design.

Durability Does Matter

Like I said, durability is the most important factor to look for when buying a gaming keyboard. You must not fall for the deisgn and looks of a keyboard unless it is durable enough to handle the hard gaming keystrokes.

Make sure the keys are not wobbling too much while you stroke them. This is something common in low quality gaming keyboards, there is a lot of wobble in the keys, especially the “Space Bar”. Well, this isn’t a deal breaking factor, but too much wobbling can miss your response as you are gaming.


If your keyboard isn’t comfortable enough, then it is of no use. Now the level of comfortability is different from person to person. A gaming keyboard that is comfortable for me might be a pain for you. So the best way to try out the keyboard personally by visiting your local computer market.

Having an expensive gaming keyboard doesn’t mean it would be comfortable as well. So you either read the unbiased reviews about gaming keyboards or test them personally to avoid losing your money.

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If it was just about a normal typing keyboard, I would have said go for any style. But when it comes to a gaming keyboard, style does matter. Gamers love to match the aesthetics of their keyboard with their existing gaming setup.

Again, RGB keyboards are a good option if you are fan of matching color schemes. You can customize RGB keyboards according the color sheme of your gaming rig. Many RGB sync keyboards come with a downloadable software for customizing your color scheme.

Full Size or TKL

This entirely depends on you to either choose a full size gaming keyboard or a TKL (Ten Key Less) variant. Most gamers opt for TKL version as this gives more room for using a mouse. I personally use a full size gaming keyboard as I’m used to it.

TKL gaming keyboards are ideal if you are a fan of first person shooter games. If number pad is not necessary for you, then go for this one.

Again, either if you go for a full size or TKL version, it won’t effect your gaming performance in any case.


How much you need to spend on a gaming keyboard entirely depends upon your preferences. However, you get access to good quality gaming keyboards that cost around $50 to $100. To me, going for a mechanical keyboard over $100 is not a good idea. If you get all the features under $100, why you should spend more a gaming keyboard. Let me know about your views on this in the comment section.

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