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How Much Ram is Needed for 9700K?

Core i7 9700K is one of the best gaming CPUs from the Intel so far. To pop up the performance of this high-end gaming processor, you might need more ram installed on your motherboard. If you are wondering how much ram is needed for Core i7 9700K, then here are some useful suggestions from IdealCPU.

Amount of Ram needed for Core i7 9700K

how much ram is needed for 9700K

Well, the minimum amount of ram that you need to pair up with your 9700K CPU depends upon your need. For gaming and video editing, you might need to have more ram while for web browsing you can go with a lower number.

For Gaming

If you are buying a ram for purpose of gaming, then we recommend pairing a minimum of 16GB DDR4 ram with over 3000MHz clock speed. As i7 9700K is the most powerful processor for gaming even at 4K, installing a high-speed ram with this CPU will definitely give a boost to your overall frame rates.

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For Video Editing and Content Creation

4K video editing depends more on the power of your processor rather than the ram. No doubt, 9700K delivers excellent single-core performance, but installing a minimum of 8GB ram will definitely shorten the video editing process.

For Web Browsing

Again web browsers like Google Chrome use a lot of memory to work properly. In the case of 9700K CPU, we recommend 8GB of ram at least for web browsing. Each new tab of web browsers uses more ram. So if you open a lot of new tabs in your browsers, you will need at least 8GB ram to avoid any lags.

Now the first question that might pop up in your mind might be related to famous brands in the market. Well, we highly recommend going with Corsair in our every article due to their broad line up.

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The second option that we highly recommend for CPUs like 9700K and 9900K is HyperX Predator. Both of the ram modules work perfectly with the 9th gen CPUs from Intel.

So should you choose a single 8GB or 16GB DIMM for your 9700K CPU or you can hook up more than one DIMMS? Well, if you have more DIMM slots available on your motherboard, then you can use more than one DIMMS. But we highly recommend choosing a single DIMM equivalent to 8GB or 16GB.

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