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How to Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have?

There are a lot of ways through which you can check the number of threads of your CPU. You can do this either by heading to your Task Manager or through the System Information tab. Also, you can install third-party software to get information about the threads and cores of your processor.

Modern CPUs come up with more threads as compared to old-generation CPUs. Having more threads improves the performance of your CPU in multitasking. Also, multiple thread CPUs are great in content creation and video editing tasks.

Different Ways to Check Threads Count of a CPU

Here are different methods to check the threads count of a processor.

  • Task Manager
  • System Information
  • Third-Party Application
  • Manufacturer’s Website

Finding Threads Through Task Manager

This is one of the simplest ways to know about the cores and threads of your processor. You really need any technical knowledge to do that.

Follow the steps below:

Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL button simultaneously, and this will open the small menu, select the “Task Manager” from the menu.

Once the Task Manager is open, click on the “Performance” tab (highlighted in the image below)

finding the threads count on a CPU
Task Manager Tab

Once the Performance tab is opened, click on the “CPU” on the top left corner of the tab (encircled in red)

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Now you can see the number of threads marked highlighted as “Logical Processors” at the bottom right of the tab.

task manager showing logical processors count
Task Manager showing thread counts of a Core i7 7700HQ CPU

Through System Information

Finding the number of logical processors (threads) via System Information is simple as well. Just type “System Information” without inverted commas in the search bar next to Windows Icon and press Enter.

System Information to check specs of your processor
In this Search Bar Type “System Information”

This will open a tab with a lot of information about your computer. You have to find the “Processor” section. Right there you will see the number of logical processors (threads). See the image below

Check How Many CPU Threads Do I Have
Place your mouse on the current field and it will reveal the cores and threads

Third Party Application

There are some third-party applications like the CPU-Z or HWInfo to deep insights about your processor.

Third-party software to check the specification of your processor
Threads count on CPU-Z Software

CPU-Z is an easy-to-use software for beginners as well. It gives you a lot of information about your processor from socket type, technology, generation, clock speed, cache, the temperature of each core, etc.

Manufacturer’s Website

Another way of check the core/threads count of your CPU is by heading to the manufacturer’s website and type in the generation and model of your processor. An easy way to do this is by typing the model of your CPU + threads count in the search bar of Google.

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Googling the information of your CPU
Searching through Google for Cores/Threads Count of your CPU


Finally, these were some of the easiest ways to check the threads count of your CPU. Generally, for every core, there can be one or two threads attached to it. In modern CPUs, each core count has at least two threads attached to it. Therefore, you can know about the number of threads even if you know how many cores your CPU has. It’s simple., just double the number of cores, and you will get the threads.

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