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Gigabyte B365m DS3H Motherboard Orange Light [Solved]

The Gigabyte B365m Ds3h is a highly compatible motherboard for Intel’s 8th and 9th gen CPUs. This motherboard comes with a lot of features including built-in LED trace path lighting and high-quality capacitors. Also, this motherboard flashes orange and red lights if there’s any problem with the hardware connected to it. Most people have reported the orange light blinking problem on a Gigabyte B365m ds3h motherboard.

Fixing Gigabyte B365m DS3H Orange Light

First of all, this isn’t anything to worry about. The orange light on this motherboard is not a bug but a feature that is already built-in on the motherboard. You can easily turn it off from the BIOS if you are annoyed. It’s basically a LED line that separates the audio section from the rest of the motherboard.

Fixing Gigabyte B365m DS3H Orange Light
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Most people relate this problem to a faulty ram or loose cable on the motherboard. However, if your motherboard blinks the orange light with no display, then you have to follow some steps to overcome this problem.

Check CPU 8-Pin Connector

One of the main causes of orange light on Gigabyte B365m ds3h could be the missing 8-pin power connector. If you have recently bought this motherboard, then see if you have plugged in the 8-pin power connector needed for the CPU. You can find the 8-pin power socket beside your CPU socket. If that is the case, just plug in the power connector and your motherboard will no longer display the orange light. The 8-pin power cable comes along with your power supply.

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Power Cables

This is another reason behind the flashing orange light on a motherboard. Sometimes, loosely connected power cables (20 pins or 24 pins) cannot pass sufficient energy to the motherboard. As a result, the motherboard makes a beeping sound or flashes an orange or red light. Just make sure that the power cables coming from your power supply sit properly in the connection slot. Also, make sure that the pins on the motherboard are not bent, if that is the case, you could fix them by following this guide.

Updating BIOS

If both the above options don’t work, then you might need to update your BIOS. As you know that Gigabyte B365m ds3h supports the 8th and 9th generations of Intel CPUs. If you are updating from 8th to 9th gen chip, then you might end up with orange light flashing on your motherboard. And the reason behind this could be the outdated BIOS on your Gigabyte B365m ds3h mobo. Updating your BIOS to the latest version can override this problem.

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Finally, we hope you know have enough knowledge about the orange light on the Gigabyte B365m ds3h motherboard. If your computer is booting up, then there isn’t anything to worry about if you see this orange light on your mobo. However, if your motherboard turns on with no display, then you can check the power cables first and then update your BIOS drivers to see if solves the problem. If you still face the problem, then it’s time to claim a warranty from Gigabyte.

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