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Enable this Hidden Feature in Your Monitor to Improve Gaming Experience

Well, if you are having difficulties aiming at your target in AAA games, I’ve found a great way to improve your shooting skills. The only thing that you’ll need is a high-end gaming monitor at your gaming desk. Most people really don’t know about this sneaky feature that can help you improve your gaming experience, especially in games like COD: War Zone, Battlefield, PUBG, and Fortnite where everything is about taking out your target in one shot.

If you are a Battlefield player, you might know what a “Crosshair” is, and if you don’t know, I’ll explain that in simple English. A crosshair is a small cross like the letter “x” that represents where your shot will hit.

See the image below:

crosshair overlay in gaming monitors, a hidden feature that most people don't know
Crosshair in Scope

In some games, this feature is missing which makes it difficult for gamers to land long-distance shots.

Most of you might not know that mid-range to high-end gaming monitors come with a built-in setting that allows you to place a crosshair overlay in the center of your screen. A feature like this gives you more edge in gaming over your competitors who don’t have this feature in their gaming monitor.

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However, with some games, this feature doesn’t work very well. If you have an ultra-wide monitor, then it would be difficult for you to place the crosshair overlay in the right place.

Gaming monitors from ASUS give you the freedom to choose from different layouts of the crosshair.

Check if you Need a Gaming Monitor with Crosshair Overlay

Some PC gamers find this feature not useful as they think it falls on the cheating side of gaming. However, some people believe that it’s something that developers have missed in the game, and by using a gaming monitor with a crosshair feature, they can fill the gap.

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PC gamers are using third-party software to develop their own crosshairs for AAA titles. But if this feature is already built-in in your gaming screens, then your really don’t need to depend on third-party apps.

Also, a gaming monitor with a precision aim feature like this can help gamers that are visually impaired. It’s a great feature to improve your shooting skills in AAA games and without covering up your screen with markers.

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