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Dust 2 Callouts (With Detailed Map) | Updated 2022

Dust 2 has been a fan favorite map since its appearance in the original Counter-Strike. It is a challenging map that features plenty of cover and paths to each bomb site. CS:GO players love Dust 2 because of the perfect mixture of difficulty, cover opportunities, and advantages for both teams.

The callouts for Dust 2 are simple, easy to remember, and helpful for both seasoned and novice players. Knowing the proper callouts is crucial during an intense match and can help a team get the upper hand. Whether you are on the Counter-Terrorist or Terrorist team, it’s important to know each Dust 2 callout.

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T RampT Ramp is near T Spawn and T Plat. You can get to the Outside B tunnels through this section.  
A ShortCTs spawn near this location. A Short is a small section near Xbox and Lower Tunnels.
T PlatT Plat is the platform between B Tunnels and T Spawn. It is right by T Ramp.
T SpawnT Spawn is where the terrorists spawn at the southern end of the map.
ClosePlayers often call the corner near the B site past the B Tunnels. It is a perfect camping spot for CTs.
Outside TunnelsThis large, open area is outside of B Tunnels. The callout encompasses a larger area of the map than most of the others.
Upper B TunnelsUpper B Tunnels is the beginning of the tunnels for Ts. You can access Mid if you turn right in the Upper B Tunnels.
Lower B TunnelsYou enter Lower B Tunnels from stairs in Upper B Tunnels. You can take the Lower B Tunnels to Mid.  
FenceFence is a wall on B Site that provides cover for CTS.
B CarB Car is right of Tunnels Exit when you approach it coming from mid.
B PlatB Plat is the platform in B Site. It is right by where you can plant the bomb.  
B ClosetB Closet is right by B Car. You can find B Closet to the right when you exit the tunnels.
Back PlatSection behind where you plant the bomb for B Site. Back Plat only refers to the portion that you cannot see from the bomb site.
B Default PlantMost common bomb plant location on B Site.
Big BoxThe box between similar to Xbox from Mid by the B site.
B Back SiteSection of B Site behind the boxes that you can see from Tunnels Exit. 
Double StackStacked boxes in the center of B Site near where you plant the bomb.
B WindowDefense position in the opening of the wall in B Site. You can access the B Window if you climb on the boxes.
B BoxesBoxes right outside of B Doors past CT Mid.
B DoorsYou walk through B Doors to enter B Site when you come from Mid.
MidThe middle section allows you to reach CT Mid from T Spawn.
Top MidThe section between Suicide and Outside Mid.
CT MidThe space that connects CT Spawn to Mid and B Site.
Close Mid DoorsAlso known as Hiko, Close Mid Doors refers to the right corner beside Mid Doors.
Mid DoorsDoors that you go to reach CT Mid from Mid.
PalmA telephone pole that replaced the palm tree at the beginning of mid.
XboxYou can spot Xbox when you exit Lower Tunnels heading to Mid.
ScaffoldingScaffolding near B Window that players can use to watch or defend Mid B.
Right Side MidCallout that CTs use to refer to the area when you look up to T Spawn.
SuicideA dangerous area that you can jump down to reach Top Mid. It is risky because of how exposed you are.
BlueThe big blue crate across from Long Doors.
A LongThe area that you can use to access A Site and Long doors.
Side PitA great hiding spot for CTs that is part of the Pit before Long Doors.
PitThe slope located towards the back of Long A before Long Doors.
Long DoorsA pair of double doors between A Long and Outside Long. 
Pit PlatThe platform by the pit that you can see A Site from.
A CrossYou can see A Cross from A Long, A Site, and A Short. It is an open space without much cover.
A Default PlantThe most common plant spot in A Site.  
A CarThe car in A Long that CTs typically use as cover to shoot Ts.  
A RampThe slope near A Long that leads to A Site.
ElevatorA corner in A Site that players can use to access the plant site. It is near CT Spawn and is useful for retaking the bomb site.
BarrelsThe barrels that are behind A Site.
Short BoostThe dumpsters that CTs can use to access A Short quickly.
GooseClosed-off area with goose graffiti behind Barrels.
CT SpawnCT players spawn here.
A NinjaNinja defuse spot on A Platform that is a great hiding spot.
StairsThe set of stairs located between A Short and Catwalk.
CatwalkA connecting walkway that players can use to access A Site.
A PlatformThe big platform in A Site that is also close to A Short.  

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