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Time to Cool Down Your Nvidia RTX 3080 without a Fan

Have you ever wondered about cooling down your high-end GPU like the RTX 3080 without a fan? Seems a bit complicated, right? Well, here’s what a Youtuber has done to cool down the internal components of a PC using magnet-powered bellows.

Well, this cooling system is kind of an air-cooling system, but it does not depend upon large fan blades to shove off hot air from your PC case. This cooling system introduced by DIY Perks uses magnets and some water cooling physics to cool down your PC’s internal components.

Magnetic cooling rig to cool GPU without a fan
Source: DIY Perk Channel on YouTube

The DIY Perks didn’t show us the in-game benchmarks of his new cooling build, but he used an AMD Ryzen 9 5950X  and Zotac RTX 3080 for testing this build. Most of the time, the temps of both the CPU and RTX 3080 sat at 60 degrees. Moreover, to cool down CPU and GPU, DIY Perks used Alphacool water blocks.

Now, let’s talk about the design of this magnetic PC cooling case (at least this is what we can name it right now), this thing has a massive size. Well, this isn’t a PC cooling case that you can easily move around your house easily. We know it will take time to see these magnetic cooling PC cases in ATX or ITX form factor.

The inside parts of this cooling rig are fragile and break if not handled with care. So there is a lot of work needed to improve the design and durability of this cooling case. As far as the price is concerned, this thing will definitely cost more due to its mechanism and physics involved in cooling.

Will we ever see magnetic cooling cases?

Yes, this cooling down of a PC with the help of magnetic technology is possible. We have seen the results shared by the Youtube DIY Perks. However, this technology also depends upon water-cooling to work at its best. This shows us that water-cooling will still stay there in the market for few years to cool down CPUs and GPUs.

And in case if we see magnetic cooling rigs on Amazon and eBay, those would be expensive and far beyond the reach of people. So traditional PC cooling equipment like CPU coolers still shows up as a reliable choice when keeping in mind the budget and performance.

This magnetic cooling rig would be ideal if you are into mining cryptocurrency where there are multiple GPUs working at the same time. Or this would be a great solution for server PCs that have to work 24/7. For gamers and casual workers, I think there isn’t anything better than a good-quality liquid CPU cooler.

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