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Can You Use Two Different Brands of RAM? (Find Out Now!)

Can you install two different branded ram modules on your computer? Does mixing two ram modules from different manufacturer affects the performance? Well, you will find different answers to this question on the Internet. However, we installed ram sticks from two different brands to find out the real answer to this question. Let’s dive in

Yes, you can install ram modules from different manufacturers on your motherboard“.

The main role of a ram module is to remember sets of instructions so that your processor can access them at any time. A ram stick remembers the data for a small period of time. So as you turn off or restart your computer, that set of data is flushed away from your ram.

Can You Use Two Different Brands of Ram?
Ram from different brands installed on the motherboard

Can You Mix Ram Brands and Expect High Performance?

Now, this might be the real question to get the answer to. As long as the mixing of different ram brands is concerned, there isn’t any limit. You can pair a ram from Corsair with a ram module from Thermaltake without any issue.

However, the rule of thumb is to pair ram sticks of the same type, size, frequency, clock speed, and brand to get the most out of them.

Most importantly, it isn’t the brand that affects the output of two ram modules. What really matters is the speed and size of the ram modules that are paired on a motherboard. For example, a Kingston ram clocked at 1333 MHz can work together with a Corsair DIMM clocked at 1666 MHz, but there would be more performance loss in this case.

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How to Minimize the Performance Loss When Pairing Ram of Different Size & Clock Speed

The only thing that can minimize the performance loss (not eliminating it) is the voltage. Now as you have ram modules with different brands and sizes, it’s better to find a sweet spot between both so that you get the most out of them.

Another factor to look for is the CAS Latency of your ram module. CAS or Column Address Strobe is related to the number of cycles it takes for a ram module to access in one of its columns.

Overall, it’s better if you look for CAS Latency and Voltage two different ram modules from the same brand. Ram modules from different brands can have a minute difference in CAS Latency and voltage even if they look similar.

Mixing Ram with Different Clock Speed

You can mix ram with a different clock speed. However, your motherboard will automatically underclock the ram module with a higher clock speed to match with the one with a lower clock speed. However, you won’t feel the lack in performance unless you are gaming or benchmarking your ram on software.

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Combining ram from different brands and clock speeds could results in errors as well. If you are using an older motherboard, then you can witness BSOD errors and frequent crashes. This often happens when your pair an older ram module with a new one.


At last, there isn’t any harm in pairing ram modules from two different brands, but there aren’t any expectations of high performance as well. It’s recommended to install DIMMs from the same brands and with the same specs if you want to enhance the performance of your system.

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