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The Best UPS Battery Backup for Home Computer in 2021

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is ideal for powering a home computer or server that needs a constant battery backup. If you are residing in an area where power cuts are more likely to happen, then you need the best UPS battery backup for your PC to avoid any data loss. UPS gives you enough power backup to save your data and then shut down your PC.

The type of UPS that you need for your home PC depends upon many factors, and we will discuss all of them one by one in this guide later on. But the most important thing that you need to know beforehand is the usage. If you frequently use a computer for gaming or surfing the internet, you will need a UPS with a longer battery backup. In this guide, we have listed UPS units according to your usage and budget range.

List of Best UPS Battery Backup for Home Computer

Here are some of our top considerations:

APC Back-UPS BX1500M | The Best Overall Battery Backup for Home PCs

Best UPS Battery Backup for Home Computer

Main Specifications:

  • 1500 VA / 900W
  • 230V Input Voltage
  • 5 Outlets
  • Battery backup: 10 minutes at half load, 3 minutes at full load
  • Automatic voltage regulation
  • LCD Display
  • PC power management software included

If you seeking a reliable and affordable UPS device, then there isn’t a better choice than APC Back-UPS BX1500M. This power backup is good enough to power your personal computer, Wi-Fi router, and other smart home devices.

With this UPS, you can get enough time to save your important files and shut down your computer in event of a sudden power loss. If you own a gaming PC that has a power-hungry PSU installed in it, this UPS can easily let you continue with your game for at least 30 minutes.

If gaming is not your concern, then the battery backup may last for an hour. APC Back-UPS BX1500M UPS is also a good option to power your Wi-Fi router and other Smarthome devices.

All in all, how long this UPS will last depends upon the amount of power required by the devices that are connected with it. Thanks to the LCD display that shows the estimated runtime based on the devices connected to the UPS.

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD | A Great Value for the Money UPS for Personal Computer

A home UPS for personal computers and smart home devices

Main Specifications:

  • 1500VA/1000W output power
  • 230V input voltage
  • 12 Outlets
  • LCD control panel
  • Auto voltage regulation
  • Battery backup:10 minutes half load, 2.5 minutes full load
  • Free software to monitor and control UPS usuage

CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD is not only one of the top-rated UPS for home use but also for small businesses. It features abundant USB ports to charge your small electronic devices. On top of all, it has RJ11/RJ45 to protect your modem, fax, and telephone from electrical surges.

This is one of the best-rated UPS battery backups to use with a personal computer. It can handle power output up to 1000W. So if you own a small form factor PC, this UPS can provide you a power backup for up to 35 minutes.

One of the most noticeable features of this UPS is the surge protection that it offers to sensitive electronic equipment. When an AC power surge occurs, it diverts the excess voltage away to avoid any damage to your equipment.

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On top of all, the LCD unit provides you with in-depth stats of all the devices connected to the UPS. In this way, it is easier to know how much run time is left and which device is consuming more power.

Finally, the PowerPanel Business Software that comes along with UPS gives you free hand to monitor and tune backup power. The software also gives you access to monitor the UPS from a remote location.

Vertiv Liebert 1500VA | A Powerful UPS Battery Backup for Gaming PCs

Long-lasting UPS backup for home or business computer use

Main Specifications:

  • Input Voltage 230V
  • Output 1500VA/1350W
  • 8 power outlets
  • Ideal for small home and business needs
  • Battery backup: 12 minutes on half load
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • 2-Years Warranty

If you are a PC gamer who needs a UPS with the best battery backup, we highly recommend you go with Vertiv Liebert 1500VA with 1300W power output. Not only it is a good choice for gamers but also office workers who need a little more time to save their important files on a computer.

If you are the kind of person who connects a lot of devices with a PC, this uninterruptible power supply unit is worth considering at this point. We know that gaming PCs are more power-hungry, so this UPS might be ideal to coop with the power requirements of gaming rigs.

The only thing that might keep you away from this UPS is the expensive price. It might cost you over $1200 for the high-end features that it packs inside. If you are after a UPS for saving files and just shutting down your computer, we don’t recommend you to go with this expensive unit.

We recommend you to stick with CyberPower CP1500 or APC Back-UPS BX1500M if you don’t have a high-end PC with a powerful gaming graphics card inside it.

Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT | Best Budget UPS for Home Use with More Backup

A gaming UPS on low budget

Main Specifications:

  • Output 500VA/900W 
  • Voltage Input 120V
  • 10 Outlets
  • Battery backup: 90 minutes of an entry level PC/10 minutes on half-load
  • LCD display
  • Free management software

If you need a UPS that provides you a backup time of up to 90 minutes, then Tripp Lite SMART1500LCDT might be your final bet. It packs all those features that you really need in a reliable UPS unit. From LCD display, AVR, 10 outputs, and longer run time, this low-budget uninterruptible power supply unit is an ideal candidate for entry-level PCs.

It is one of the most silent UPS battery backups for the home we’ve ever tested. Even on full-load, it is hard to notice the fan noise. If you are sharing your room with someone and need a quiet UPS, this might be an ideal choice to go with.

Tripp-Lite has done a great job in engineering this UPS. Like 90 minutes of battery backup for an entry-level computer is more than enough. For personal use, this UPS is a way more affordable choice when compared with other products on the list.

Eaton 5SC1500 | Best Sinewave UPS for Personal Use

Economical UPS for Personal Use

Main Specifications:

  • Output 1440VA / 1080W
  • Input 120V
  • Pure Sinewave Output
  • AVR
  • LCD
  • Advanced Battery Management
  • 8 Outlets
  • Software to tune power backup
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Eaton is best known for producing solid business line UPS. The Eaton 5SC1500 is one of the high-rated units that use pure Sinewave output to protect your personal computer from power surges. This UPS battery backup is highly compatible with small desktop PC and POE-driven networks.

Thanks to advanced engineering adopted by Eaton in designing this product, not only this UPS protects your computer from power failures but also from other common power issues like voltage surges. With the help of Eaton’s power management software, you can now automatically shut down your computer before the battery backup goes down.

If we talk about the battery backup of Eaton 5SC1500, then it is somewhat similar to all the other UPS units listed in our guide. If you connect a low-power-consuming computer with this UPS, the battery might last for 35 minutes or so.

However, keeping in mind the price factor of this UPS, we can say that it lies on a sweet spot between price and performance.

Things to Consider in a UPS Meant for a Personal Computer

Before you make any purchase, here are some important factors to keep in mind. This will help you pick the right UPS for your PC according to your budget and usage.


Never go after a UPS that has no warranty. All the UPS units listed in this guide come with at least 2 years of warranty. The warranty covers the battery replacement and the UPS itself. If something goes wrong with the UPS or battery within the warranty period, you are entitled to a replacement.


This is one of the most crucial factors to consider before buying a UPS for home use. The more wattage a UPS has, the more devices you can connect with your UPS.

The table below can give you a better understanding of the wattage rating on a PSU.

UPS WattageBest Suited For
200WGaming console or a PC monitor
400WEnough to power a desktop PC and a monitor
600WIdeal for a low budget gaming PC with a GPU inside
800WGood for a mid-range gaming rig
1000W and aboveBest for a high-end gaming computer

Please keep in mind the power supply unit of your computer before buying a UPS. High-end gaming PCs may come with 700W+ PSU, therefore, you will need a minimum of 1000W UPS in that case.

Battery Backup

The power backup of your UPS depends upon the capacity of the battery that is installed in it. In case of a power outage, a good-quality UPS meant for a low-budget PC may last anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes. Within this time, you can easily save your progress and shut down your computer.


Finally, these were some of the best UPS battery backups to be used with a personal computer. Our recommendation is to go with APC Back-UPS BX1500M if you are low on budget and need a reliable UPS. And if your concern is to get a UPS for a gaming computer, then Vertiv Liebert 1500VA UPS packs more wattage and power to let you enjoy few more minutes of your favorite game.

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