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Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]

Although the CPU plays a significant role in boosting the performance of your PC, it still depends upon Ram to do it up to the best. Especially, if you have a high-end processor like AMD Ryzen 3700X, you might need a ram with more speed and gigs for high performance.

Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X to Boost Performance

But the question arises that which is the best ram for Ryzen 3700X? Well, at this point, we will leave behind the brand and focus on the frequency and latency of the ram. For the AMD CPUs, the frequency of the Ram is the most crucial factor that decides the overall performance.

Therefore, a ram stick with over 3200 MHz can be a perfect match for AMD Ryzen 3700X. We will mention the most popular brands but based on their frequency, latency, and memory capacity. If you have bought 3700X CPU for video editing, gaming, or content creation, then you have to spend a bit on a high-performing memory stick.

Don’t forget to read the factors that play a vital role in the performance of a memory stick at the bottom of this guide.

Top 4 Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X CPU

Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X to Boost Performance

Here are some of the top picks when it comes to the top-performing rams for 3700X.

1. G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series | Best 32 Ram for Ryzen 3700X

RAM made for AMD Ryzen 3700X

Type: DDR4

Memory: 32 GB (16 X 2 GB)

Speed: 3600 MHz

CAS Latency: Low

G.SKILL Trident Z Neo is one of the most reliable DDR4 to pair with AMD CPUs, mostly the 3000s. We really loved the design of this ram that comes with tempered glass and fancy RGB lights. We highly recommend this stick if you are building your PC for gaming or multitasking.

2X16 GB DDR4 sticks with 3600 MHz frequency can deliver outstanding performance at this point. Moreover, these ram modules have lower CAS latency, which means more speed when it comes to switch or open applications.

However, the fancy-looking lights mean that the ram is thicker and has more height as compared to traditional modules. Therefore, it might be difficult for some aftermarket CPU coolers that are wide to give some breathing space to these ram modules. But as far as you stick with stock coolers, this might not be a problem anymore.

On top of all, Trident Z Neo RGB heatsink ensures maximum performance while maintaining the temperature at an ideal level. This feature makes G.SKILL Trident Z an excellent ram for achieving overclocked performance.

Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • High Speed
  • CAS 17 Low Latency
  • RGB Lighting
  • Excellent Heatsink
Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • Expensive

2. Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RGB | Best DDR4 Ram with 4400 MHz Speed

Ram modules that support Ryzen 3700X

Type: DDR4

Memory: 16 GB (8 X 2 GB)

Speed: 4400 MHz

CAS Latency: Low

This stunning RGB lighted Ram from Thermaltake is a gaming beast. Clocked at 4400 MHz, this ram module ensures smooth performance when it comes to working with power-demanding applications. With Sync RGB lightings, you can customize your gaming rig with 1.8M RGB colors. Moreover, the Thermaltake TOUGHRAM delivers you the best memory speed for Ryzen 3700X without needing you to overclock it.

To add more to the performance, a 10-layer PCB is entirely worth mentioning at this point. This helps you in overclocking without blowing up your memory. Achieving high performance means more heat.

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So to avoid heat build-up, Thermaltake TOUGHRAM makes use of a brushed Aluminum heatsink. This not only dissipates the extra warmth but also adds up to the sturdy construction of the ram sticks.

If you really care about the performance, then this ram is for you. It is one of the best DDR4 Ram to pair up with a 3700X AMD processor. Apart from the price, which is significantly higher than other modules, this ram stick can be your best bet for a gaming PC.

Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • RGB Lights with Control Mode
  • Brushed Aluminum Heatsink
  • Solid Performance
Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • Heighted, may cause difficulty to set up with liquid CPU coolers.
  • Higher price

3. Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB | Best Budget Ram for AMD Ryzen 3700X

cheap budget ram for ryzen 3700x

Type: DDR4

Memory: 16 GB (2 X 8 GB)

Speed: 3600 MHz

CAS Latency: Low

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB might not be the latest ram module to grace your PC; it still is an excellent choice for beginners. Although it doesn’t have fancy RGB lights like other ram modules on our list, its low-profile design makes it a real winner. It comes in different colors that you can choose to match with your gaming rig.

Despite being a low-profile ram, Corsair Vengeance LPX delivers high-end performance at a low cost. With 8-PCB layers and an aluminum heatsink, overclocking to boost the performance might not be an issue. Corsair Vengeance LPX ram is ideal for a Ryzen 3000X processor if you are low on budget, and don’t want to spend any more on aftermarket air or liquid CPU coolers.

This low-profile DDR4 ram is best suited for mini-ATX or micro-ITX cases. So if you are low on space and need a compact ram for your Ryzen 3700X CPU, then Corsair Vengeance LPX is the one for you. Moreover, it comes with XMP 2.0 support to control the speed of your ram up to a safer level.

Corsair Vengeance LPX is one of the best memory for Ryzen 3700X if you are tight on budget, space, and need higher speed.

Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • Economic in terms of price
  • Reliable and Fast
  • Fits in low profile CPU cases
Best Ram for Ryzen 3700X With High Memory Speed [2021]


  • No RGB lights

4. Patriot Viper 4 Series Extreme | Most Affordable and Reliable Ram for AMD Processors

Cheap ram for AMD CPUs with 3200MHz Speed

Type: DDR4

Memory: 16 GB (2 X 8 GB)

Speed: 3200 MHz

CAS Latency: Low

Patriot Viper 4 Series Extreme is the most affordable and reliable ram for AMD and CPUs. Just like the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB, the Viper 4 Extreme comes with XMP 2.0 to keep an eye on your overclocking performance.

It’s an affordable choice for gamers, content creators, and video editors in one spot. Choosing affordable ram modules like these to pair up with expensive CPU Ryzen 3700X saves you a lot of money. A low-profile design makes it much easier to invest in other essential components of your PC.

We found this ram stick much powerful and efficient with a 1.35V circuit and high frequency up to 3733 MHz. To play the latest games, a total memory of up to 16GB will be more than enough. Again, it’s not the memory but the frequency on which we have focused while choosing this Ram for AMD 3000 Series CPU.

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Patriot Viper 4 Series Extreme is the most reliable ram to pair up with any Ryzen CPU from AMD. No matter, whatever you throw on it, your system remains stable without crashing at any point. It is one of the cheapest DDR4 rams with over 3000 MHz frequencies.

What to Consider When Buying Ram for AMD Ryzen 3700X CPU?

There are many things to consider when choosing ram for AMD CPUs like the Ryzen 3700X. You cannot rely on a single option when purchasing the ram for high-end processors.

Memory Type

Ram modules come with DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 memory types. DDR4 being the most advanced memory module on the market supports high-end processors from AMD and Intel. AMD Ryzen 3700X is only compatible with AM4 socket motherboards with DDR4 memory slots.

Clock Speed or Frequency

This is the most crucial factor that carries more weight than any other factor on our list. The more frequency a ram has, the faster it makes the data accessible. A ram with 3200 MHz with 8 GB is way better than a 16 GB ram with 2600 MHz clock speed.

However, there are many other factors to look out for when choosing a ram with clock speed.

Timings and CAS Latency

This is something that most people miss out on when choosing a ram for Ryzen CPUs. You might have noticed 4 numbers separated by dashes on ram modules for example 16-14-14-35. These particular digits are called memory timings and these decide the latency or response time of a memory stick. The better the memory timings faster will be the ram module.

The first number indicated the time taken by a ram stick to responding to the command made by the user. the first digit denotes the latency or CAS (Column Access Strobe). The lower this number is, the better is the performance of the ram.

Memory Size

Memory size is the last thing that you need to see after considering all of the above factors. On this point, it depends upon the purpose for which you are buying the ram. AMD Ryzen 3700X is an ideal CPU for music production, gaming, and video rendering.

If you have bought the CPU for 4K video editing or gaming, then you must go for 32 GB ram to put less stress on your CPU. For content creation and photo editing, a 16 GB stick is more than enough.

The Bottom Line

AMD CPUs, especially the Ryzen 3700X, have taken computing to the next level. However, high-end CPUs cannot perform without a better ram. AMD Ryzen 3000 Series processors have shown excellent performance with DDR4 rams at the higher clock and lower latency.

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