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Best Value Ram for i9 9900K CPU in 2021

You can power up the performance of your Core i9-9900K CPU by purchasing the best ram module in the market. Before you move on and choose the most suitable ram for your 9900K, make sure you have the right motherboard that supports memory modules with higher clock speed.

Best Ram for i9 9900K 2020

No doubt, the Core i9 Series is blessed with some of the most powerful CPUs from Intel. However, to get the most out of your processor like i9-9900K, you will need a powerful ram as well. The sweet spot for the ram still lies around 3200 MHz when pairing with high-end CPUs. But the higher the clock speed, the better it is.

Top 4 Best Ram for i9 9900K

Best Ram for i9 9900K

Let’s see some of our top picks when it comes to choosing the ram for your Core i9-9900K processor.

1. Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB | Highly Recommended Ram for i9 9900K

Highly Recommended Ram for i9 9900K

Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32 GB delivers excellent performance with the mainstream CPUs from Intel, especially the ones in the Core i9 Series. With an RGB theme on the top and a durable heatsink, this module adds more life to your entire gaming rig.

With 2 DIMMS each clocked at 3200 MHz, you will witness smooth performance throughout your tasks. Vengeance RGB Pro is optimized for peak performance with Core i9 Series CPUs. If you are looking out for a ram with RGB lights and high performance, you have it right here.

The variation of colors it allows to customize your gaming rig is quite amazing. If you are investing in a high-end CPU like i9 9900K, then Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro might be a good option for you. With this ram module, you can enjoy the performance of DDR4 technology.

Last but not least, you can overclock both the modules easily to 3600 MHz without any issue. However, we recommend sticking with the 3200 MHz speed at the moment.

2. Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB | Best Low Profile Ram for Core i9 Processors

Best Low Profile Ram for Core Series 9th Generation

Modern and faster ram modules are heightened due to bulky heatsinks. So it is quite difficult to install other peripherals like aftermarket CPU coolers with high-end CPUs that dissipate more heat. However, this is not the case with Corsair Vengeance LPX.

Vengeance LPX ram comes with low profile heatsink design and fantastic performance. With 32 GB of DDR4 memory clocked at 3200 MHz, you can switch between multiple tasks in the blink of an eye. The low-profile spreader design keeps it cooler even at higher speeds.

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It is indeed one of the best rams for i9 9900K that is affordable and reliable in all terms. The motherboards that support the Intel Core i9 Series processor are highly optimized for DDR4 sticks like Vengeance LPX.

If you are installing mainstream processors on mini-ITX boards, then this low-profile ram might be the right choice.

Although you can overclock it to get more out of it, we do not recommend you. The reason behind this is the heatsink that is not sufficient to handle enormous heat as the result of overclocking your ram.

3. HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB 16GB | Highly Optimized Ram for Intel i9 CPUs

Highly Optimized Ram for Intel i9 CPUs

When it comes to true performance on a ram module, we prefer going with higher clock speeds and low latency. HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB is no doubt a real performer when it comes to next-gen gaming PCs. Though it has 16GB DDR4 memory, it packs a higher clock speed, which is 4000 MHz.

We never include any ram modules on our list on the basis of memory size only. We rather include the ram sticks that have higher clock speed and low CAS latency. The CAS latency is the time it takes for a ram module to respond to a specific request. Lower the latency, faster is the ram.

HyperX Predator DDR4 RGB is one of those rams that have lower latency to perform better with higher-end CPUs like i9 900K and above. With Intel-XMP, HyperX Predator is highly compatible with mainstream platforms from Intel.

On top of the modules, you will find the RGB lights that make the modules look cooler on gaming PCs. We really liked the idea of an aluminum heatsink spreader that efficiently takes care of the thermal activity. Moreover, you can overclock HyperX Predator to higher clock speeds.

HyperX Predator Ram is highly compatible with workstations and gaming PCs. When we compare this ram with others on our list, it stands out in terms of price and performance.

4. G.Skill RipJaws V Series 16GB | Best Budget Ram for Core i9 CPUs

Best Budget Ram for Core i9 CPUs

G.Skill RipJaws is the ram specifically designed for AMD 3000 Series and Intel Core Series CPUs. RipJaws V DDR4 memory module is clocked at 3600MHz to deliver fast performance in gaming and multitasking.

If you are buying the Core i9 9900K CPU for video editing, gaming, or data processing, then RipJaws V is the most affordable ram to save some extra cash. This RipJaws V ram is highly compatible with high-end Z390 motherboards on which you can install Core i9 9900K for maximum performance.

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When it comes to design, we can say that his ram module can easily fit in most PC cases that have limited space for external peripherals. With a height of 42mm, this ram module sits well below the height of any standard aftermarket CPU cooler in the market.

We always stress on checking the QVL of your motherboard before any buying any high-performance ram. But we are quite confident that RipJaws V works perfectly with Z300 Series boards from Intel without any problem. It is an affordable ram that you can pair with your i9 9900K.

5. Patriot Signature Premium DDR4 8GB | Cheapest Ram for the Money

Cheapest Ram for 9th generation CPUS from INtel

Patriot Signature Premium might not be enough for the latest gaming titles if we talk about the memory size. However, this low-profile ram makes a good choice if you are low on budget. For a lower price, you have to sacrifice for higher clock speeds in this case.

Clocked at 2666 MHz, it has a solid built but there is no room for overclocking. However, with lower clock speed, this ram is compatible with all kinds of motherboards that support i9 9900K. On top of all, it is quite easy to install without doing any tweaks to your BIOS.

If you are looking out for a cheap and efficient way to boost the performance of your i9 processor, this might be the ram you need at the moment.

Our Recommendation

Not every ram out there in the market keeps up with the mainstream processors of the Core i9 Series. DDR4 type ram with higher clock speeds are reliable and perform better with i9 9900K processors. Corsair Vengeance LPX is highly affordable with a 3200 MHz frequency to tackle any power demanding applications.

If you are not limited by budget, then we highly recommend HyperX Predator that spikes at 4000 MHz. Though it has less memory size that is 16GB, it outperforms high-end gaming rams in the market due to lower CAS latency.

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