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Best Keyboards for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to Pro 7

Picking the most compatible keyboard for your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet is not as much difficult as it was before. Many third-party manufacturers are making good-quality keyboards for Microsoft Surface tablets for just under $100. And we all know that Microsoft’s own signature keyboards were out of the budget-friendly zone. When it comes to finding the right covers for your Surface Pro, it isn’t a wise decision to spend more than $70 to get one.

So, whether you have a Surface Pro 3 or 7, here are some of the most reliable keyboards on our list. All of these are the best alternatives to Microsoft’s expensive keyboard covers. All of these third-party keyboard covers for Surface Pro are ideal for typing and gaming.

List of Best Keyboards for Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

Here are some of our top considerations:

Arteck Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover | Best Overall

The most reliable Microsoft surface tablet

Suitable For: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7

Backlit: No

Battery Life: 50 Hours

Arteck is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to buying keyboard cover for Microsoft Surface Pro. Not only it is cheaper, but it also includes all those features that you really need in a tablet keyboard. It easily syncs with your tablet via Bluetooth and gives you 50 hours of typing experience on a single charge.

The mechanical keys are well-spaced from each other, this gives you a smooth and uninterrupted typing experience. The Artech Surface Pro keyboard also has a large touchpad which gives you good control for navigation. If you love to type all day, this keyboard is meant for you. The typing experience itself is very smooth and kind of sound-proof. It doesn’t feel as if you are typing on a low-budget keyboard.

Overall, this keyboard is a solid option when compared to its affordable price. The only thing it lacks is the backlit panel, the reason behind a longer battery life. Other than that, this Surface Pro keyboard doesn’t have any downside that keeps you away from buying it.

Fintie Backlit | Most Reliable Microsoft Surface Pro Keyboard

This is the most reliable backlit keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro Tablets

Suitable For: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7

Backlit: Yes

Battery Life: 200 hours without Backlit / 5 hours with Backlit

If you are a fan of RGB keyboards, you can go straight away for this one to light up your Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The Finitie Backlit allows you to customize your keys with seven different colors. For gamers, this would be an ideal keyboard to attach with their Surface Pro 7 tablet.

The keys layout on this Surface Pro cover is similar to that of Arteck. But in this keyboard, keys are a bit more apart from each other which gives you an edge in typing if you have large or beefy fingers. The Finitie keyboard uses Bluetooth to connect with your tablet.

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One of the worth noticeable features when buying a backlit keyboard for a tablet is battery life. Finitie comes with a 730 mAh battery to last up to 200 hours if the keyboard lights are turned off. With lights turned on, it can easily last for 5 hours. The backlights are easily adjustable with just a tap of a button.

The only downside we have across so far is the pressure it takes to press a key. It is not as soft as Microsoft’s Signature Keyboard cover and takes a little pressure to work. Apart from this, it’s lightweight, has responsive magnets, and shows up as a good alternative for Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and other line-ups.

Tomsenn Lightweight Type Cover | Best-Budget Keyboard For Surface Pro Line-up

cheaper type cover

Suitable For: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7

Backlit: Comes in Backlit and Without Backlit Versions

Battery Life: 125 hours without Backlit / 5 hours with Backlit

The Tomsenn keyboard for Surface Pro tablets comes in two versions, with backlit and without backlit. The backlit version comes with seven different colors and adjustable brightness.

The keyboard comes with a built-in battery that lasts the typing experience up to 125 hours. And same like the Finitie keyboard, it lasts for just 5 hours with keyboard lights turned on. To be honest, most of the Surface Pro type covers have a battery life of up to 5 or 7 hours, which isn’t deal-breaking when considering the affordable price.

If we talk about the typing performance on this keyboard, it is somewhat similar to typing on a laptop without a number pad. The keys are well-spaced so you don’t accidentally hit another key while typing fast on it.

Some other worth mentioning features are Bluetooth connectivity and responsive magnets. It immediately syncs to your Surface Pro without any hassle. Moreover, the responsive magnets make it easier to attach or detach your tablet. On top of all, you get a 12-months of warranty with this keyboard if any goes wrong.

MoKo Type Cover Fit | Highly Compatible Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro Series

Highly compatible type cover for Surface pro by MOKO

Suitable For: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7

Backlit: Yes

Battery Life: 125 hours without Backlit / 5 hours with Backlit

MOKO backlit Surface Pro keyboard comes with well apart keys for a smooth and fluent typing experience. The keys are backlit and can be customized with seven different colors just like other backlit keyboards on our list.

This keyboard has a sturdy build quality, this gives it more stability when you put it in your lap and type for long hours. The thing we really liked about this keyboard is the responsive trackpad. Now this gives you a very precise movement to navigate through different applications on your Surface Pro tablet.

Moreover, the keyboard also has a very good connectivity range. It can easily sync via Bluetooth to devices that are within 33 feet range. The typing experience on this keyboard feels way better than the original Microsoft version. The keys are raised and well-spaced from each other for a better typing experience.

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The battery life on this keyboard is really impressive, even with the key lights on. It is a worthy replacement for Microsoft type cover that costs 2x the price of this keyboard. Turning on and off lights could be a bit confusing for beginners, but that isn’t a big deal once you know how to turn them on.

FERRISA Wireless | Best Value for the Money Keyboard for Microsoft Surface Pro

the best value for the money type cover

Suitable For: Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4/5/6/7

Backlit: No

Battery Life: up to 150 Hours

A meticulously crafted keyboard designed for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 to 7 series tablets. It is a no backlit keyboard with a longer battery life of up to 150 hours. If you need a keyboard with a typing experience similar to that of a laptop, this might be your final bet.

One of the salient features of this keyboard is the USB Type-C charging. It charges to full capacity within minutes. It is one of the best Bluetooth keyboards for the Microsoft Surface Pro line-up. You can adjust the sensitivity of the trackpad, a feature that gives this keyboard a slight edge over others in the list.

And if you have a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or 4, this keyboard would be an ideal choice to go for. the keyboard comes with strong magnets to keep your tablet in one place. The only thing that is missing out is backlit keys.

Our Recommendation

As you know that Signature type covers from Microsoft are too expensive to attach with your Surface Pro tablet. So the best alternative is to go for third-party keyboards that are cheaper and deliver the same value that a Microsoft type cover does. Some extra benefits that you may get when going after third-party Surface Pro keyboards are fast typing, backlit keys, and longer battery life.

As far as our recommendation is concerned, we prefer going for Moko Type Cover. It lies on a sweet spot between price and performance. It has a premium look and feel to it as compared to other keyboards on the list. And if you are tight on budget, it is worth going for the Arteck keyboard with no backlit feature. It gives you the same typing experience with longer battery life.

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