Best Budget Ram for Gaming Laptop in 2021

Collection of cheap rams for laptop gamers

No doubt, upgrading a gaming laptop cost you more as compared to a custom-built PC. On top of that, picking the best ram for your gaming laptop on a low budget makes things more complicated. If you fall for the low price, you might end up buying a low performance module.

So, you have to find a sweet spot between price and performance when choosing a low-budget ram for a gaming laptop. Most gaming laptops come with 2 ram slots. So you are quite limited when it comes to upgrading the ram in your gaming machine.

For a gaming laptop, it is essential to install at least 16 GB of ram. In addition to the capacity, you have to look out for type, clock speed, and latency of the ram as well.

Best Budget Ram for Gaming Laptop

Best Budget Ram for Gaming Laptop

Here are some of the best affordable memory kits to upgrade your gaming laptop.

1. Crucial Single DDR4 2400 | Most Affordable Gaming Ram for Laptops

low budget ram for laptops

Type: DDR-4

Speed: 2666 MHz

Latency: CL 17

Capacity: 16 GB

Overclocking: No

We highly recommend this single 16 GB DDR4 memory stick if you are on a low budget. This ram module lies on a sweet spot between price and performance. And by spending less than $100, you can easily upgrade your gaming laptop.

This DDR4 ram stick from Crucial comes with a CL 17 latency and clock speed up to 2666 MHz. Now at this clock speed, you can easily play games without bottlenecking your laptop processor.

2. Corsair Vengeance Performance | Best Value Ram for Laptop Gamers

cheap ram for gaming laptops

Type: DDR-4

Speed: 3200 MHz

Latency: CL 22

Capacity: 16 GB

Overclocking: Yes

Corsair memory modules are our foremost priority when it comes to building gaming machines. The Corsair Vengeance Performance is no doubt one of the best low budget ram to speed up your gaming laptop.

Vengeance Performance memory comes with a clock speed of 3200 MHz. Now, this is something we highly recommend for serious gamers. No compromise on performance at this point, we might say.

With more latency and clock speed, you won’t have to upgrade your gaming laptop for years if you go with this module. Moreover, there is no need to break your bank account to buy this ram for your laptop.

We ram stick works perfectly with 8th and 9th generation Intel CPUs. Moreover, if your gaming motherboard allows you to push the clock speed of the ram, you can easily overclock it to higher clock speeds as well.

Overall, this ram stick holds more speed and low latency at a competitive price when it comes to upgrading your gaming laptop.

3. Kingston Technology HyperX Impact | Ideal Ram Module for Gaming Laptop


ideal gaming ram for laptop

Type: DDR-4

Speed: 2600 MHz

Latency: CL 15

Capacity: 16 GB

Overclocking: Yes

Whenever it comes to the fastest ram modules for gaming machines, there is no parallel to Kingston. Being one of the oldest memory module companies in the world, Kingston manufactures affordable ram sticks that deliver unbeatable performance.

The Kingston Technology HyperX Impact is one of the most affordable and fastest ram modules to buy for your gaming laptop. Kingston HyperX Impact comes with 16 & 32 GB capacity, with 16 GB being the best value for gamers.

To be honest, this is ram module highly suits the low budget of gamers due to overclocking capability. However, to push to higher clock speeds, you may need to have a compatible gaming motherboard.

You may find higher clock speed versions of Kingston HyperX Impact on Amazon. But keeping in view the low budget and considerable performance, we recommend you to stick with the 2666 MHz version.

All in all, we highly recommend this low budget ram to kick up the performance of your gaming laptop. This one is XML ready and does not need any adjustment to enjoy higher clock speeds.

4. Patriot Signature Line Series | Higher Speed for a Low Price

the fastest ram for a gaming laptop

Type: DDR-4

Speed: 3200 MHz

Latency: CL 22

Capacity: 16 GB

Overclocking: No

The Patriot Signature Line Series has caught the attention of many gamers who want to spend a lot of cash buying expensive ram modules. Moreover, the Signature Line Series holds remarkably good-performing ram modules for gaming laptops.

This ram module from Patriot Signature Line Series holds 3200 MHz frequency and CAS Latency 22 for an amazingly low price. You can get this ram stick to boost the performance of your gaming laptop by just under $80.

Overall, this cheap ram module shows up as a better choice for your gaming laptop if you are not a fan of overclocking.

5. KUESUNY Ram Kit

wallet-friendly laptop ram for gaming

Type: DDR3

Speed: 1600 MHz

Latency: CL 11

Capacity: 16 GB (8×2 DIMMS)

Overclocking: No

Well, this is one of the best budget rams for the gaming laptops that come with a DDR3 slot. So, if you got an old laptop for gaming, this low-budget ram from KUESUNY can gear up the performance without breaking your account.

This ram kit comes with 2 DIMMS each clocked at 1600 MHz with a CAS Latency of 11.

Although this frequency isn’t enough to fuel advanced gaming titles on your laptop, keeping in view the price factor and old DDR-3 slot compatibility, it is worth buying.

Tips for Buying Ram for Gaming Laptops

Here are few important factors to consider before buying a cheap ram module.


Well, many PC gamers agree on having a ram with at least 16 GB capacity for a smooth gaming experience. Game files are expanding day by day, this is has increased the minimum requirement of ram that you need to play games on a laptop or PC.

If you are a professional gamer who plays games at 4K and records them at the same time, you may have to go for the 32 GB version. However, the 16 GB memory still holds a sweet spot for gaming and streaming on a laptop.

Clock speed or Frequency

It is obvious that the ram modules with higher frequency deliver better performance in gaming. For a gaming laptop, we recommend buying a ram with at least 2666 MHz clock speed. Or you can overclock your ram to a higher clock speed for better performance.

Always Opt for Single Ram Module

This is one of the most influencing factors when buying memory sticks for laptops that are solely for gaming purposes. Never use two ram modules even if they are from the same brand.

Single ram modules deliver optimal performance as compared to combined modules when it comes to gaming.

CAS Latency

You might have seen these numbers (CL 16-18-18-36) on the ram stick. This is known as the CAS latency. The CAS latency is the clock cycle at which the ram access a specific set of data. The lower the CAS latency, faster the ram is.

Bottom Line

Finally, this is how you can pick a low budget ram keeping in view the high performance. It is up to you to decide which ram fits your budget and need.

We recommend choosing the Corsair Vengeance Performance as it holds more speed, low latency, and extended performance when it comes to gaming on a laptop.

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