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Best ASUS RGB Aura Sync Keyboards [2022]

RGB keyboards have made a great sensation in the market. These are the next level backlit LED keyboards that you can customize according to your gaming rig. Such advanced technology has revolutionized the use of keyboards by providing a multichromatic experience to the users.

With the evolution of E-sports, grabbing a perfect keyboard is as essential as upgrading your PC.

Gamers need durable keyboards for long hours of gaming sessions; for that purpose, Asus RGB Aura sync keyboards are considered more reliable all around the world.

RGB aura sync keyboards from ASUS are known for attractive design and comfortable experience while playing the toughest games with soft backlit LED keys.

Best ASUS RGB Aura Sync Keyboards Compared & Reviewed

Best ASUS RGB Aura Sync Keyboards

There are several products in line with different features and according to your needs. Hence, to provide you with the best picks, we are here with our top-5 best Asus RGB Aura sync keyboards:

ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL | The Oveall Best RGB Aura Sync Keyboard for FPS Games

The best aura sync asus brand keyboard for gaming

Key Specs

  • Compact Design
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting
  • Wide Left Ctrl Key for Precision Shooting
  • Type-C Detachable Cord
  • Wrist-rest Included

Size: TKL | Switch Type: Cherry MX Red & Brown

Anyone who loves to play games is the best Aura sync compatible keyboard that any gamer would like to have.

With a sleek design and so many things to offer, this tenkeyless keyboard is one of the best products from Asus.

This keyboard is compact and solid while keeping a comfortable wrist resting surface.

It has a military-grade construction that shows this product’s durability with top plating of aluminium to make it sturdy and attractive in looks.

The aura sync keyboard uses Cherry MX brown in this model and used ROG typeface for more aggressive performance and looks.

This keyboard design by Asus does not come with macro keys, but you can get the job done with multimedia and FN keys.

Gamers love this product because of the anti-ghosting technology used, which keeps the pace in the game without losing any keystrokes.

You can also have several presets of lights for enhanced looks and being compact enough to carry around.


  • Durable and sleek design
  • Best for high-end gaming
  • Comfortable to use
  • Anti-ghosting technology


  • Costly product
  • No macro keys

ASUS TUF K7 | Most Reliable Aura Sync Keyboard Preferred by Pro Gamers

the highly recommended AURA SYNC Keyboarf for gamers

Key Specs

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Faceplate
  • Versatile Color Spectrum
  • Rog Armory II Application for Easy Customization
  • Optical-Mech Switches
  • Spacious Keys

Size: Full | Switch Type: Optical-Mechanical

The Asus TUF K7 keyboard has a unique and compact design. The uniqueness comes with the high-speed operation of optical-mechanical switches that projects an array of infrared light.

The material used in making this product is highly suitable to match your style to play and work. Its compact design also provides the facility of detachable wrist rest, making it handier to use.

We can estimate the high quality of this Aura Sync compatible keyboard with its military-grade aluminium frame as well as per key light pattern to enhance and brighten your playtime.

This product can be used for usual office works but stays ideal in the gaming world.

It is customizable with RGB backlighting by using Asus Armory II software, and its soft LED backlights do not distract or irritate your eyes while using.

Being water and dust resistant, it also has a PCB coating that prevents its metal components from rusting or oxidizing.


  • Water and dust resistant
  • Compact design
  • Detachable magnetic wrist rest
  • Adjustable stand for keyboard


  • The software requires operating skills
  • Noisy keys


ASUS ROG Strix Flare: COD Edition | Best Valued RGB Aura Sync Keyboard


Best Valued RGB light mechanical keyboard from ASUS

Key Specs

  • Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Customizable Illuminated Logo
  • In-Game Lighting Integration
  • Dedicated Media Keys
  • USB Passthrough
  • Comes with a wrist-rest
  • 100% Anti-Ghosting

Size: Full | Switch Type: Cherry MX RGB

If you are a fan of Call Of Duty, this is the keyboard you will love to have.

Asus has tried to do something new for the game lovers by introducing a theme-based ROG Strix Flare keyboard.

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The weight and size are ideal for playing games, as this aura sync keyboard is fantastic and designed to carry and use.

Asus specially designed it on an all-black theme with fantastic finishing, which will give you dark attractive looks.

The keyboard is equipped with a wrist-rest and anti-ghosting technology to give you a comfortable and uninterrupted experience.

This product has media keys as well for multiple functions, and also, on the upper left corner, there is a wheel to control sound levels of your system right from your keyboard.

It is one of the best RGB aura sync keyboards as it has 13 different presets. It has per-key RGB, which is also customizable with Asus aura lightning software to make the job easy.


  • Media keys for multiple functions
  • Customizable logo slide
  • Two USB plugins for multiple usages


  • Pricy product
  • The wrist rest is not smooth

ASUS TUF Gaming K1 | The Best Budget Aura Sync Compatible Keyboard

ideal rgb enabled keyboard

Key Specs

  • Durable Build Quality
  • Onboard Memory
  • Aura Sync RGB & Side Lighting
  • Detachable Wrist Rest
  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Dedicated Volume Knob
  • Spill-Resistant Coating

Size: Full | Switch Type: Tactile Membrane

The ASUS TUF Gaming K1 has proved its performance with long-lasting durability.

This Asus aura compatible keyboard comes with amazing features. It has adjustable RGB illumination.

It has a volume knob for controlling system sounds right from your keyboard. For an ultimately comfortable experience, it is provided with a removable wrist rest and side-mounted light bars.

A 19 key rollover technology used in this product makes this keyboard precise with no pass or missed keys.

The keyboard has five different light zones and RGB bars on two sides. The colour spectrum of each zone can be set according to the user’s liking.

The Asus Armoury Crate app is used to control the RGB, and the gamer can synchronize the experience of gaming by adjusting the lights accordingly.

This Asus RGB keyboard is also water or liquid-resistant, which means one can easily dry out the water splashes. The battery is also coated with shock-resistant material to withstand up to several falls.

Plus point of this keyboard is that it also has onboard memory, which allows the user to save their customized setting and carry it anywhere they want. Lastly, this is one of the cheapest RGB Aura Sync Keyboard on our list that packs premium features.


  • Onboard programable memory
  • Backlit keycaps
  • Spill-resistant
  • Durable and shockproof


  • Noisy keys

ASUS TUF Gaming K5 | A Sturdy Aura Sync RGB Keyboard for Gaming

Most preffered RGB Aura Sync compatible keyboard

Key Specs

  • Dust & Spill Resistant
  • Programmable Onboard Memory
  • Dedicated Keys for Media
  • Sturdy Build Quality
  • Anti-Ghosting

Size: Full | Switch Type: Tactile Membrane

If the noisy keyboards bother you, then the membrane keyboards are the best choice for you.

The Asus TUF Gaming K5 is a membrane gaming keyboard with a very slow click sound and very responsive keystrokes.

This keyboard has a plastic body that is durable and sturdy that proves its build quality.

The Asus aura compatible keyboard has sort of protective coverage all over its body, making it spill and dust resistant.

All the keys are backlit but do not come with per-key RGB, and the keycaps have a concave design surface with appropriate spacing between the keys.

It comes with five illuminations zones which can be controlled and customized with the help of Armoury II software.

Media keys are available on the keyboard with anti-ghosting technology and four rubber legs to adjust the keyboard for comfort and use.

Being in the best Asus RGB keyboard, it also has onboard memory to customize and store your settings, making it a good choice for users.


  • Less noisy keystrokes
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Spill and dust resistant
  • Onboard memory for settings


  • No per-key RGB
  • Undetachable wrist rest

What Keyboard has the Best RGB lighting?

ASUS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - ROG Strix Scope RX | Red Optical Mechanical Switches | USB 2.0 Passthrough | 2X Wider Ctrl Key for Greater FPS Precision | Aura Sync, Armoury Crate RGB LightingASUS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - ROG Strix Scope RX | Red Optical Mechanical Switches | USB 2.0 Passthrough | 2X Wider Ctrl Key for Greater FPS Precision | Aura Sync, Armoury Crate RGB Lighting
  • PLAY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT - Take on all comers with ROG Strix Scope RX, the first mechanical RGB gaming keyboard featuring exclusive ROG RX Red Optical Mechanical Switches. These switches provide a 100-million-keystroke lifespan and offer consistent linear keystrokes with immediate response. In addition, each switch has a central RGB LED to give every key all-round lighting. Strix Scope RX also offers IP57 waterproof and dust resistance, an alloy top cover, and USB 2.0 passthrough. Like all Strix Scope series gaming keyboards, it has a wider Ctrl key and a Stealth key for FPS gamers. Go confidently into battle with ROG Strix Scope RX.
  • BUILT TO LAST - ROG Strix Scope RX offers industry-leading IP57 waterproof and dust resistance, ensuring it’s well-protected from spills and dust. It also has a durable aluminum alloy top plate that provides structural rigidity to give you long-lasting and reliable performance.
  • AURA SYNC - Vibrant per-key backlighting illuminates Strix Scope from top to bottom and edge to edge. Powered by Aura Sync, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command for you to create a keyboard that's uniquely yours. The lighting is easily synced with the extensive Aura ecosystem to create a gaming environment that really shines.
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ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Switches, Customizable Badge, USB Pass Through and Media ControlsASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Switches, Customizable Badge, USB Pass Through and Media Controls
  • Cherry MX RGB switches for faster response times and enhanced gaming performance
  • 100 percent anti ghosting, full key rollover, and onboard memory for on the fly macro recording
  • Customizable logo badge for adding your own flare to your gaming station
  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever expanding ecosystem of AURA Sync enabled products
  • Integrated media controls keep your hands on the keyboard during intense gaming sessions
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Factors to Consider Before Picking the Best Asus RGB Aura Sync Compatible Keyboards

Asus RGB aura sync keyboards have given the freedom and more responsive experience while typing or playing high-end games.

But not every RGB keyboard would fit you; several features must be there to fulfil your desire or need.

To help you with this, here are few factors to consider before choosing your best aura sync compatible keyboard:

  • Backlit keys: to experience the full benefits of an RGB keyboard, all the keys must be customizable with all the colours of the scheme. Some older versions do not provide per-key backlighting
  • Multifunction keys: some aura sync keyboards have multifunction keys to help the user operate multiple functions on board, just like controlling system sound from the keyboard.
  • Onboard memory: to save the customized setting on your keyboard, one must choose those RGB keyboards with onboard storage that keeps the data safe while you are on the go.
  • Durability: keyboards with extra coating to protect them from wear and tear and dust and spill resistance make it the optimum choice.

Our Recommendation

Finally, these were some of the best Asus aura sync compatible keyboard on our list. We prefer going with ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL as this product has proved to be the best among all. The durability with sleek and stylish design and wrist resting feature makes it comfortable to use and carry around. It has Anti-ghosting technology with several lighting presets, making it attractive in style and highly responsive to keystrokes while playing high-end games.

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